Slay The Bear

Also Known as...


4-8 people

A giant tub of animals crackers (a plastic bear shaped jug), or a gallon jug, Booze

Intoxication Level

Very High


Fill the empty jug with a mixed drink (usually alcoholic fruit punch or lemonade) a 1.75 liter of vodka, and ice. A timing device must be on hand.


As the timer starts, Players drink as much as they can as fast as they can from the jug, before passing it around the circle. A player must be drinking at all times and the jug may never be put down. Players should hurry, before the vodka settles in the bottom, making the last of the drink have a much higher alcohol content. When the jug nears the end, one player is designated to "slay the bear", which is finishing it without stopping. Once the bear has been slain, the finishing time is recorded.

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