Slam Pong

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Beer Pong with Paddles


4 Cups (one cup per player), Booze

Intoxication Level



Very popular in the 70s at Dartmouth College, Bowdoin College, Bucknell University, Cornell University, Lehigh University, Princeton University, and Williams College.

2 teams of 2 players gather around a table, temates on the same side. Each player places a cup in the center of their quadrant of the table.


Teams take turns serving. For a legal volley, the serving team must strike the ball with the paddles of both players on the team before striking the table or beer cups.

Scoring Points are earned through hits (hitting the oponents cup), sinks (making it in an oponents cup), and knockovers. There are two primary variations for counting scoring and declaring the winner of a game. In the five-point game, hits count for one point, sinks count for two points, and knockovers count for five points.In the five-point game, whenever a team earns points, both players of that team are expected to drink one fifth of the total volume of their cup for each point.  In a five-point game, the first team to earn five points loses.

In the four-point variation of the game, hits count for one point, sinks count for up to two points, and knockovers count for up to two points. If a cup is half-full and gets sunk or knocked-over, that counts as only one point. Players in a four-point game are expected to drink half of a single cup for each point. A team cannot lose on a serve. If a team has only one point left, they cannot have the last point scored through their own ineptitude. However, if both teams have only a single point left, a team may "serve out" if others are waiting to play a subsequent game.
In a four-point game, the first team to earn four points loses.

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