Sink The Ship

Also Known as...

Sink the Battleship


1 Large Pitcher, 1 glass (Cup or Shot Glass possible), 1 extra glass or cup per player

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Each player will need a glass of beer. An extra glass or an empty plastic cup is placed floating in the pitcher of beer (It is possible to use a shot glass but harder to retrieve). A small amount of booze may need to be added to the glass to make it float upright (the minimum amount should be used).


The starting Player pours some booze into the floating glass. After five seconds, the next player then pours into glass. The player that causes the glass to sink while pouring, or in the following five seconds, must retrieve it and drink its contents.  It is good strategy to pour enough to leave the glass on the verge of sinking in an attempt to ensure play does not return.

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