The Possum Crawl

Also Known as...

The New Year Possum Crawl, New Year Beer Crawl, New Year Jigger Crawl, New Year Possum Shot Crawl, New Year Possum Cocktail Crawl



THIS Webpage; Lots of Booze; Enough Glasses, Jiggers, or Shot Glasses for all participants.

Intoxication Level

Medium to Very High


Have the New Year Page Open, Have a drink/beer/shot/jigger ready before each countdown (that participants are using) hits zero.


Participants must drink a pre-determined shot, beer, or cocktail, as each Time Zone hits the New Year.
The clocks and distances from the
New Year Holiday page on this website are used. It can be found HERE
Participants get credit for the miles between Largest Cities of the time zone. Participants may start and stop at any time zone.  There is no miles credited for the first stop they participate in, this is considered the "starting point".

For Example, If a Paddy is in the UCT -5:00 Time zone (New York) and he decided to start playing at the UCT +3:00 time zone (Moscow), it would be 3:00PM in New York when the +3:00 time zone is at midnight. The shot or drink at 3:00pm is worth no miles for Paddy (because it is his "starting point"), but the second at 4:00PM (the UCT +2:00 Time zone)  is worth 1806 mi (the distance from Moscow, Russia to Cairo, Egypt) to Paddy. The next shot at UCT +1:00 would be worth 1997 mi (Paris, France) and so on until a countdown is missed.

If a player misses a countdown (stop), they do not get any miles for the stop missed but they will get credit for the next stop (if they do the shot on time they get the distance from the last stop).  They do not have to establish a new "starting point" again unless specified beforehand.

For Example if Paddy wanted to skip the UCT 0 time zone at London, UK (which is only worth 214mi, so is not a bad one to miss) he would get no miles.  The next stop Praia, Cape Verde would be worth 2842mi  to paddy regardless if he missed the last stop.

Some participants may choose to skip some "stops" that are not worth very many miles like UCT 0 (214mi), UCT +3:30 (339mi) or UCT -8:00 (357mi). Others may choose to skip one of the "stops" that come quickly like UCT+9:30, UCT+9:00, and UCT+8:45 or UCT +6:00, UCT+5:45, and UCT+5:30.

Power-New Year Variation

An obvious variation for Hard-Core participants is that no "stops" may be skipped

Power-New Year Catch-up

A variation on the Power-New Year Variation is that "stops" may be delayed but must be made up by the next "stop" or two. A participant may not be more than 1 hour behind.

Time Traveler Variation

Another variation on the Power-New Year Variation is that  no "stops" may be missed and a participant may take BONUS shots/drinks/jiggers which move their starting point backward one time zone. The participant may do this as many times as possible as long as the player also maintains the current pace of the "stops".

Restricted Time Traveler Variation

A twist on the Time Traveler variation this is that these BONUS shots/drinks/jiggers may only be done when the next "stop" is either UCT +5:45 (Kathmandu, Nepal), UCT +3:30 (Tehran, Iran ), UCT 0:00 (London UK), or UCT-8:00 (Los Angeles, USA) which are all worth under 500mi/800km. 

For safety reasons it is encouraged that players agree to a limit of how many BONUS may be done per person/per hour.

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