Mario Party Drinking Game




Mario Party Game (Any should do), Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to High


Play any or all of the Lord of the Rings Movies with Booze ready 


Players may choose one or all of the following rules. Usually a drink is 3 or more fingers (A "finger" is the amount of beer, in a straight or "conical" pint glass, covered by one finger on the outside of the glass)

Rule 1. If a Player gets a star, all other players must drink.

Rule 2. Losers of Minigames must drink. If it is a minigame without Losers, everyone drinks.

Rule 3. If a Player loses a Bonus Stage (like a Donkey Kong Challenge or a challenge from another player) they must drink. 

Big League Rules (Variation A)

Some play with shots instead of drinks but usually limit is to Rule 1, or Rule 1 and 2.

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