Land Mines



2 Shot Glasses, 1 Quarter, Beer in Cans, A Spacious Smooth Table.

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


All players gather around the table with a full can of beer.  The Starting player pours 2 shots of beer.


The starting player takes the quarter and spins it on the table. While the quarter is spinning, the player must then take both shots of beer and then pick up the quarter with the same hand before it stops spinning. If a player does not get the quarter on time or he uses two different hands to drink and pick up the quarter they must drink and try again. This continues until the player is successful. If a player finishes a beer, it is considered a 'Landmine' and they can place it on top of the quarter that was spun by another player (stopping its spin) at anytime.  The spinning player must drink the two shots and start over. The can stays where it was put down for the rest of the game (it is now a constant obsticle for players to avoid when spinning).

Spun quarter are allowed to come in contact with the empty cans but it obviously may not continue spinning long enough to do the shots. The more and faster a player drinks, the more "artillery" (Empty Cans) they build.

The game ends when the table (battlefield), contains so many empty beer cans that play becomes too difficult (nuclear fallout).
Chug Out (Variation A)
Some Play that if a player gets can not complete a spin and catch,  they have the option to chug a full beer to end their turn.

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