Also known as...

Native American, Dances with Wolves

Similar to...

Thumper, Bouncing Ball



Intoxication Level

Low to Medium


Players sit in a circle and choose their Indian (Historical/Theatrical Native American) Name. Meaning they must think of a series of words by which they will be identified during the game. They must sound like a name like 'Dances with Wolves'. 
For Example : Runs with Scissors, Drinks with Nobody, Plays with Sausages, Wrestles with Pandas, etc.


One Player begins by saying their Indian Name followed by an Indian name for one of the other players.
If the starting player chose 'Plays with Sausages' and another player chose the name 'Runs with Scissors', the starting player would say "Plays with Sausages, Runs with Scissors"

Then it would be up to the player known as 'Runs with Scissors' to to repeat his/her shit name plus that of another player.

The game continues until either a player fails to respond immediately, or a player says the wrong Indian Name. The player who made the mistake must takes a drink and restart .

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