Drunk Driver

Also Known as..

Bus Driver, Passenger



1 Full Deck of Cards (no jokers), Booze

Intoxication Level

80 proof (High)

Similar to..



Players gather around wit a full deck of cards. 2 to 3 (sometimes more) horizontal rows of cards are layed out in the center.  The rows can be as few as four cards or as many as 10 (or more).  The number of rows and how many cards per row are decided by the players prior to gameplay.


The players take turns, the first to go (the Driver)has the first card in the first row flipped upright before him/her.    The player must decide if the next card in the row will be higher or lower than the first.  The next card is flipped.    If the player is correct, they then must guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the most recently flipped card. 

If the Driver is wrong, they must drink equal drinks to the number of cards flipped upright.    The upright cards are removed, replaced with new face-down cards, and the player must restart. 

Play must continue until the Driver has guessed right 5 times (some play until the player is right 3, 4, 6, 7, or more).    At this point the Driver may guess again or pass to the next player.    If the player is wrong, of course, they must drink all face up cards, replace them, and restart as usual.    Some players will elect to continue if they have an A (high) or 2 (low) considering the odds are unlikely that their guess will be wrong. 

The Driver may pass at anytime after they have guessed correctly the minimum number of times.   The next player (the new driver) must guess correctly the minimum number of times as well but if they are wrong they must drink the TOTAL face-up cards, including those leftover from the previous player.


Some play that one player deals the entire time while others play that the player whose turn it is, deals.

Some play that the minimum number of correct guesses is just 3,  while others play that the minimum is higher.   The higher the minimum, of course,  the more drink intensive the game will be.

Some end the game when all cards have been used, others re-shuffle when cards are needed.



Passenger is a game similar to Drunk Driver except that the Driver may pass drinks down to another player (the passenger).  The driver may drink as much as they wish and then pass down the rest.  Being that it is a team effort, the minimum correct guesses is usually higher.


Bus Driver

Bus driver is similar to Passenger except the passenger (always next to the Driver) may also pass drinks on to another passenger and so on to include all players.  The last passenger must drink everything that remains.  

Being that it is a group effort, the minimum correct guesses is very high (like an entire row of 7 or more).  It is a group accomplishment to finish the game and players do not usually create rivalries among themselves.  Finishing the game may be at the end of 1 deal, but some will play to 2 or more deals.

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