Drug Dealer

Also Known as...

Cops and Robbers

Similar to...



Deck of Cards, Booze

Intoxication Level

10 proof (Low)


The game is best with a large group of people. It is usually played in the midst of a party so that other things are happening.. The number of Cards used is equal to the number of players. Including one Ace and one King. Regular cards (2-Jack) are townspeople, Ace is the Drug Dealer, and King is the police officer.


The players each choose and take a card and go back to the party. Players make sure to not reveal the role they have been given .  At one point the Drug Dealer (the player who drew the  Ace) will discreetly wink at another player in the party. If the person winked at is the Police Officer, the Drug Dealer has been caught and loses.  If this person is NOT the Police Officer, the player winked at will carry on normally at the party and will eventually announce that "a deal has been made".  The player may not make any indication as to who the Drug Dealer is.

The Police Officer must then identify themself to the group and chooses a player whom they belive is the Drug Dealer. If the Police Officer chooses the incorrect player, the Police Officer must drink the face value of the card belonging to the incorrect player.  The Police Officer must choose again, if wrong again, the police officer must drink the face value of the card belonging to second incorrect player.  This continues until the police officer chooses correctly or only the Drug Dealer remains.  When caught, the Drug Dealer must drink once for each player remaining who has not been accused by the Police Officer. 

Cops and Robbers (Variation A)

Some play that the player who draws the Ace is the Robber, the player who draws the King is the Cop, and instead of announcing "a deal has been made", the player announces "i have been robbed".

Timed Games (Variation B)

Some Play that there is a time limit (often 20 or 30 minutes) in which the deal/robbery must take place.  The player who was winked at does not announce until the time limit has elapsed.

Mini-Game (Variation C)

This can be played as part of another game (as long as the cards are hidden from view during play).  Often many play that they player who draws the Ace of Spades is the Drug Dealer (or Robber) and the player that draws the Jack of Clubs is the Police Officer (although there is some variation on what cards are used).

The Drug Dealer (or Robber) has until the end of the deck, depending on the game, to make a deal (or robbery).  At the end of deal the Police Officer must identify the Drug Dealer/Robber (same rules usually apply for drinking amounts for incorrect and correct guesses).  If a player draws both cards, the mini-game is null and all players drink a social.

The Drug Dealer/ Robber may not have much time to make the deal/robbery if the card is drawn late. Other players should actively look for a deal/robbery, since the Police Officer card may not have been drawn yet (and they might draw it).  It is also possible that a the deal/robbery could be made on a player who eventually draws the Police Officer card.  In which place the Drug Dealer/Robber has been caught and loses. 

For Example, Scotty draws the Ace of Spades after the deck is half gone and is thus the Drug Dealer. Soon after Scotty winks at Slice to indicate a deal.  Slice makes sure not to reveal the deal to the other players.  On Slice's next draw she draws the Jack of Clubs and is thus the police officer.  Slice does not need to wait until the end of the game to identify the Drug Dealer considering she was actually "undercover", and Scotty has been caught.

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