Also Known as...

Beer to the Head, Big Man, Danger Beer



1 Can of Beer

Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Players gather in a circle with a unopened can of beer


Player begin by chanting at first quietly slowly getting louder "Detonator! Detonator!", or "Danger beer! Danger beer!", or "Big Man! Big Man!", or "Beer to the Head! Beer to the Head!", or any other chant (which is usually the name of the game). The starting player smashes the can of beer against their head one time in an attempt to cause a leak.  If the player is unable to spring a leak in the can.  They must pass the can of beer to the next player.

If a player is able to spring a leak in the can, all other players cheer and the player must open the tab (if needed) and shotgun the beer (the leak will allow the beer to flow out faster). In the event that the can is split enough that the cap can not logically be opened, they player may drink it howerver they can.  The player that is able to chug the beer is the winner and is usually given some sort of honor among the group.

Losers Follow (Variation A)

Some play that the losers must also shotgun a beer with the winner.

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