Cards  Drinking Games

2 Man Fingers (See Fingers (Variation B))

3 Man (AKA Three Man) 

4 Kings (See Kings (Variation N))

7/11/2X (AKA Sevens Elevens and Doubles)

7s, 11s, and doubles (AKA Sevens Elevens and Doubles)

21 (AKA Twenty-One)

21 Aces (AKA Twenty-One Aces)

21 Monkey's (AKA Twenty-One Aces)

31 (AKA Thirty-One)

Ace of Spades

Across the Bridge (See Drunk Driver)



Beer 99

Beer Pyramid (1)

Beer Pyramid (2) (AKA Bullshit Pyramid)

Beer Snap (AKA Snap)

Beer War

Beer Whammy

Beeramid (1) (AKA Bullshit Pyramid)

Beeramid (2) (AKA Around the World)

Bet Your Liver

Bomb Squad

Bullshit Pyramid

Circle Cup (AKA Beer Whammy)

Circle of Fire (2) (AKA Circle of Death)

Minesweeper (AKA Bomb Squad)

Pitcher High/Low (AKA Bet Your Liver) 

Smoke or Fire (1) (AKA Red or Black)

Smoke or Fire (2) (AKA Circle of Death)

Smoke or Fire (3) (AKA Around the Wold)


Speed Anchorman

Tanker (See Beer Pot)

War (See Beer War)


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