Also Known as...

Buffalo Club




Intoxication Level

Medium to High


Players must be drinking in any situation. 


All Players must use their left hand while drinking (except players that are left handed, they must use their right). A player may hold their drink with either hand, but may only drink from it with their left hand.

Any Player caught by another player drinking with their right hand, must finish the entire drink.

Many play that the accuser chants Buffalo!, Buffalo! Buffalo! with all other players joining in (often banging on a table or clapping in rythem) until the violator finishes the drink.

If the accuser calls Buffalo on somebody when they are actually drinking with the proper hand (or have an empty drink, are not drinking an alcoholic drink, or are left-handed drinking with their right), they may return with a call of "False Buffalo" and the player is obligated to finish their own drink. If a Player is hit with a "false buffalo", and doesn't have a drink of their own, they must aquire one and chug it.

Once a Buffalo, Always a Buffalo (Variation A)

Some play that once a player begins playing Buffalo, they are playing it for the rest of their life. It is not necessary for anyone to declare that the game is on. A player may call out buffalo on a complete stranger in hopes that it is another Buffalo player, who will acknowledge the call and finish their drink or possibly call "false buffalo in return".

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