Blow Me

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Beer Blow



A Full Deck of Cards, a Glass Bottle, Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to High


A  full deck of cards is stacked  on top of a glass bottle (usually Beer or Liquor)


Players take turns attempting to blow cards off the deck.

If the Player blows one card off, then everyone drinks,
If the Player blows more than one off no-one Drinks,

If the Player  blows the entire deck, or the remaining cards off the bottle, they are the loser.
The Player before the loser is the dealer for the next hand, they must shuffle and replace the cards on the bottle, The loser must drink the entire duration, The dealer may take as long as they wish.  The Loser begins the next round.

(Variation A) Sing-A-Long

The Loser must drink the entire duration of a song sung by the other players at any pace.

A Common song is
"Oh here's to brother (or sister) Paddy, brother Paddy, brother Paddy, oh here's to  brother Paddy who's with us tonight. He eats it, He beats it, He even mistreats it, so drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker, drink mother f*cker drink!"

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