Table, 6 Party Cups plus 1 for each player , Booze

Intoxication Level

Low to High


The game is played on a beer pong table with six disposable cups set up in a triangle (beer pong fashion) with the base of the triangle along the edge and apex pointing the center of the table. Also one flip cup for each of the players. The players line up across from each other on either side of the table (like flip cup) with the player flipping first at opposite corners of the table closest to the rack of cups they will be shooting at.

All players fill their flipping cup with the alcoholic beverage of their choice and "match up" with the player opposite them as in flip cup.


When everyone is ready the first players on each team drink the entire content of their cup and then put the cup on the table up-right on the edge of the table and tapping the bottom so the cup flips and lands upside down on the table.  The Player then must refill their cup before it is their turn again (see below).

After the 1st person on the team flips his cup, the second may begin drinking and flipping his cup. When this cup has been flipped, the third player may begin. This continues until the last person on the team flips his cup.

When the last cup on the team's side has been flipped, the last flipper tosses a ping pong ball at the cups at the opposite end of the table, aiming to sink the ball into one of the cups. If the ball makes it, the round is over, the cup is removed, and the players rotate (i.e. the shooter becomes first player, the second becomes the third etc.) and the game starts again.

If the player misses his team starts again with the first player drinking and beginning to flip his cup. There is no break in game play if the shooter misses, which is why players must refill their cups directly after the cup is flipped. Teams continue to play flip cup and shoot the ball until one team sinks the beer pong shot, then they reset and follow the procedure outlined above.

The game is won when a team makes all six beer pong cups, The loser team must drink all remaining cups from the winner's rack of cups as well as their own.

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