Beer Pot

Also Known as...

Tanker, Beer Pitcher



Beer,  A large pitcher or pot.

Intoxication Level

Very High


All players sit in a circle.  Each player pours one beer into the pitcher (the larger the better so as to make it difficult to determine how much remains in the pitcher).


One player starts drinking from the pitcher. This person can drink as much or little as they choose. When done, they player passes the passes to the next player who does the same thing and so on. The person who empties the pitcher is the winner. The person who drinks immediately before the winner is the loser.
The loser must then pour in the pitcher their share plus the share of each of the other players, then play starts again.

(Variation A) Shared Sacrifice

The loser pours in two beers, the winner zero, and everybody else pours in one.

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