Beer Mile

Also Known as...

the "Chunder" Mile


Beer (12 oz Aluminum Cans of Beer), Running Track.

Intoxication Level



This  game that combines running and drinking for time. The game usually takes place on a standard 400 meter or 1/4 mile running track. It is very popular event among collegiate track and field programs, and is often contested following the conclusion of the season. The race begins at the 1-mile starting line.  Players Typically use 12 US ounces of beer is consumed from an aluminum can, The cans are also usually of the same brand in any one round.


Usually the game begins with a toast, then Players race drink one beer, followed by a full lap around the track  (Players may not start running until their beer is finished). The second lap is the same, one of beer is drank before running of the second lap. This process continues for the next two laps. The race is Finished after of the fourth running lap (four beers drank total).
Gereral rules According to 
1. any competitor that vomits prior to finishing the race must complete a penalty lap immediately following the fourth lap. The penalty lap does not require the drinking of an additional beer.
2. The beer must be consumed directly from the pour of the can (penetrating the can and "shotgunning", is a violation).
3. The beer used for the competition must also be full-strength, or at least 5.0% ABV. (Hard ciders and other alcoholic beverages are generally not allowed.)
The fastest recorded Beer Mile, following the "official" rules is 5:09.0

(Variation A) The "Chunder" Mile

In the "Chunder" Mile (Usually UK, Ireland, and Australia), an imperial pint (20 imperial ounces) is consumed before every lap. Pint glasses are preferred for the speed in which the beverage can be finished.

(Variation B) Ladies Tees

A popular variation allows female competitors to consume one fewer beer than the male competitors. Females are allowed to begin the first running lap without consuming a beer. This rule is often enacted to encourage participation from females.

(Variation C) Lenient Beverages 

While full strength beer is generally the preferred beverage, some races allow consumption of alternative beverages such as light beer, malt beverages, or milk.

(Variation D) Puke Penalties 

2 Minute Penalty for vomiting rather than an additional lap.

(Variation E) Beer Mile and a Half

6 Laps and 6 Beers instead of Four (makes an even six pack).

(Variation K)  "Kastenlauf"

Also Known as  "Bierkastenlauf", "beer crate running", Kistenlauf, Bierlauf, Bier-Rallye, Bierathlon.  Instead of chugging - then drinking, teams of two people carrying a crate of beer, all of which must be consumed prior to crossing the finish line

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