Beer Die 

Also Known as...

Beer Guy

4 (2on2)


Dice, Table, 4 Cups, Booze.

Intoxication Level



Four cups are placed at the four corners.  No specific table size is used, often leading to a home advantage factor.  Opposing teams sit at opposite ends of the table (partners on the same side). Players must sit with thier knees behind the edge of the table (not underneath). 


Players take turns throwing the die alternating between teams. For example :  if Paddy and Mel are on the same team and Scotty and Slice are another, Paddy would shoot first, Scotty second, Mel third, and Slice last
Players must throw a die over a certain height with the goal of either landing the die in their opponent's cup or having the die hit the table and bounce over the scoring area to the floor. The height is agreed upon beforehand (usually 3 to 4 feet) and is usually something on the wall or is marked (possibly with tape).  It must land on the other teams side of the table (the middle can be marked with tape or simply two beer bottles). It must bounce between the two cups on the edge of the table (like a field goal post). 
The defending team attempts to catch the die one-handed after it hits the table, but before it touches anything else (like the chair), without leaving their chairs. The catch must also occur off the table edge (not over the table).  If the opposing team fails to catch the die it is a point. If the opposing team catches it (either player can catch) the throw is null and the turn is over.
The game is usually played to seven, eleven or fifteen. Teams must win by two.

Variation (D) - Dart

Any player can call "dart" and throw it directly at one of the opposing glasses. If the player succeeds, the person near the cup has to drink half and fill it up.  If the player misses, they drink half of their glass and fill it. 

Variation (S) - Swish

A player may call "Swish" and throw it above the height requirement and directly (No bounce) into an opposing teams glass for two points, and they must finish the beer and refill. If the player misses he must finish his beer and refill.

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