Beer Bomb



Two Card Tables, Ping Pong Balls, Booze

Intoxication Level



Set up the card tables on opposite sides of a room, the farther apart, the greater the challenge. Place a cup of beer on tabel B for each player.


Each player takes turns bouncing a ball off table A (The one with no cups) trying to land the ball in a cup on the far table. If a player bounces a ball that does not make it to the opposite table, that player must drink from his/her beer. Lets say Paddy, Mel and Scotty are playing a game.  If Paddy is successful in landing the ball in Scotty's cup, the Scottyhas a chance to make a ball in Paddy's cup. If unsuccessful in his retaliatory try,  Scotty must drink the entire cup of beer with the ball in it. But, if the Scotty is successful, Paddy must drink his entire beer.
If a Shooting Player lands the ball in their own cup, they must drink the entire beer with the ball in it.

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