Bar Crawl 

Also Known as...

Pub Crawl, Beer Crawl

Similar to...

Bierathalon, Beerathalon, Scavenger Hunt



Multiple Bars, booze, rubber stamps (optional), T-shirts or Scorecards.

Intoxication Level



Usually bars are equipped with rubber stamps beforehand. If not a scorekeeper must he around.  Scoring cards or T-shirts (to recieve stamps or signatures).


A game where participants have to have drinks in a fixed order of pubs of the city, which is certified by stamps. Note* Bar Crawl often refers to an un-organized method of Bar-Hopping (Going from bar to bar) throughout the night.

Sub Crawl

The Glasgow Subway "sub crawl" requires participants to drink from a pub near each of the 15 stations on the circular route.

Zombie Pub Crawl

Minneapolis, Minnesota started a zombie-themed pub crawl in 2005 that has become an annual tradition which has grown to over 5,000 participants in 2009.  Zombie pub crawls can be seen as a combination of the pub crawl and zombie walk traditions. During a zombie pub crawl participants wear zombie costumes and shuffle from bar to bar imitating the living dead. Following Minnesota's lead, zombie-themed pub crawls have now spread to multiple cities including Philadelphia, Chicago, Columbus,Ohio, and Washington DC. 

Largest Pub Crawl

The World's Greatest Pub Fest, held annually in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest pub crawl. The World's Greatest Pub Crawl, as it was then known, set the official record of 4,718 participants, on June 14, 2009.

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