Ping pong ball, 3 Cups per Player, Table, Booze


Players Sit around a circular table spaced yourselves out evenly.  A Rack of Three cups is placed in front of each player, with the triangle pointing topward the center of the table, The cups are generally filled 1/3 full


Players, one at a time attempt to bounce the ball into anyone else's cup. If the shooting player makes a cup, the person the rack is in front of must drink the cup, and the shooter gets another shot. The Player that had to drink the cup may then strategically place the cup in an attempt to make it difficult for the other players to shoot (bounce) at thier remaining cups. 
The shooter continues to take shots until they miss. If the shooter misses, the next player shoots, and so on. 
The Shooter may not shoot at an adjacent players cups (The player to the right or left).
If the shooter Makes all three of a players cups is called a bangarang.
The first eliminated is usually the Beer Bitch (must supply the other players with beers), but is allowed to shoot first in the next game.

(Variation A) Honerable Victory 

The winner must finish his cup after victory.

(Variation B) Shooter's Code

The Shooter may not shoot at people sitting on either side if they have less cups.  If they have the same or more,  then it is allowed.

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