Bad Idea

Also Known as...

This is a Bad Idea, God Help Us


Bottle of Booze

Intoxication Level

Very High


Players Gather in a circle with a full Bottle of Booze.  The first player opens the bottle of Booze.


The Starting player gives a reason why playing this game is a bad idea (ie "I have class tomorrow") and takes a drink from the bottle. The bottle is passed to the left and the next player gives another reason why playing the game is a bad idea and takes a drink.

If a Player uses a reason that has already been used, uses a reason that isn't deemed a "good enough" reason, or takes too long to think of a reason, they must take a drink then try again. When the bottle is near empty, a person can choose to finish the bottle by screaming "This is a great idea!" rather than come up with a reason. If the person fully finishes the bottle, they win (sort of).

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