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Intoxication Level



All players arange themselves in a circle with Booze in hand.  


The first person starts off by saying the name of an animal (Species - common name).  The person to their left has to say the name of another animal that starts with the last letter of the animal the first person said. Animal types can only be used once. Breeds do not count as seperate animals ("golden retriever" cannot be said, only "dog")  If the player cannot think of an animal or says an animal that was already used, they take a shot/drink and start over . Once a person takes 6 shots/drinks, they are out of the game. Last one remaining wins.  When a player says an animal that is debatable, take a vote. If not accepted by a majority, the player is allowed to say another animal.

For Example:
Paddy: "Cat"
Mel: "Tiger"
Scotty: "Rat"
Slice: "Tarantula"
Junior: "Aligator"
Kels: ?
If Kels says "Rat" (already said) she must take a shot/drink and begin again. If Kels says "Lion" (doesn't begin with R) or can't think of anything she must also drink and begin again.

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