Q. Where do the pictures from /tv come from?

A. Most are uploaded by people like you by emailing them here, some are created by Paddy, some are sent by partners, promoters, or advertisers.

Q. How do I submit photos or text to /tv?

A. Anyone can upload a picture to /tv by going to partypossum.com/mobile/upload

Q. I saw picture of me, copyrighted image, or offensive image on /tv, how can I have it removed?

A. The majority of images on /tv are uploaded by visitors, similar to facebook.  Although most uploaded images will stop being displayed after time, Our moderators can usually recognize a copyrighted or offensive image and remove it quickly.  If you see one, you can contact us, and describe the image, we will have it removed.  You may do the same if you see an offensive post in the scroll.

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