CELEBRATIONS ON DECEMBER 30th      Rizal Day (Philippines) ..         Hogmanay (Scotland),   the Scotish New Year,   day 2 of 4 ..         National Bicarbonate of Soda Day         National Dance Day and the Start of National Dance Week (USA) ............         Falling Needles Family Fest Day         Freedom Day (Church of Scientology) ..         The sixth day of Christmas (Western Christianity) ..         Christian Feast Day of Anysia of Salonika ..         Christian Feast Day of Ecgwine of Worcester ..         Christian Feast Day of Pope Felix I ..         Christian Feast Day of Liberius of Ravenna ..         Christian Feast Day of Ralph of Vaucelles ..                    CELEBRATIONS THIS WEEK      Christmas Week,   December 25th through January 6th ..         National Dance Week, December 30th through January 5th (USA) ........         Kwanzaa,   December 26th through January 1st ..         The Twelve Days of Christmas,   December 25th through January 6th ..         Holiday Week,   Final Week of December ..         Yuletide,   Final Week of December ..         It's About Time Week,   Final Week of December ..         Christmas Bird Count Week,   December 14th through February 5th ..         New Years Run,   December 29th through January 1st ..                    PADDY's JOKE OF THE DAY    ..     PAST AND PRESENT RESOLUTIONS ..     2012:   I will try to be a better husband to Tammy,       2013:   I will not leave Tammy,       2014:   I will try to reconcile with Tammy,       2015:   I will try to be a better husband to Jessica ..           2012:   I will not take a drink before 5:00 p.m,       2013:   I will not touch the bottle before noon,       2014:   I will not become a "problem drinker",        2015:   I will not miss any more AA meetings ..             2011:   I will pay off my bank loan promptly,       2012:   I will pay off my bank loans promptly,       2013:   I will not take out any new loans,       2014:   I will keep up with the debt interest,       2015:   I will be out of the country by the end of the year.                  LILLY's DRINKS OF THE DAY    ..     COSMOPOLITAN ..     1 Part Vodka,     1 Part Triple Sec,     1 Part Lime Juice,     1 Part Cranberry Juice,     Shake with ice   and strain into a cocktail glass.     Cointreau instead of triple sec greatly improves this drink.         COSMOPOLITAN (STRONG VARIATION) ..     1 part Vodka,     Half part Triple Sec,     Half part Cranberry Juice,     Half part Lime Juice,     Add ingredients to cocktail mixer,   shake,   then strain into a chilled Martini Glass.                  SCOTTY's TOASTS OF THE DAY    ..     - 1 -     "In the year ahead,     May we treat our friends with kindness,     and our enemies with generosity."     - Traditional         - 2 -     "Tagalog Mabuhay"   Translation: "Long life"     - Phillipines     - In Honor of Rizal Day,     Translation:   "Araw ng Kabayanihan ni Dr. José Rizal" (Death anniversary of National hero José Rizal)         - 3 -     "Gayola"     - Asturian     - In celebration of December 30th, 1981,   when Asturias became an Autonomous Community
 HISTORICAL EVENTS ON DECEMBER 30th   ..     987 French King Hugo Capet crowns his son Robert the compassionate king         1066 Granada massacre: A Muslim mob storms the royal palace in Granada, crucifies Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Naghrela and massacres most of the Jewish population of the city         1317 Pontifical degree "Sancta Romania" against spiritualists         1460 Wars of the Roses: Battle of Wakefield         1621 English king James I cracks Protestation of Parliament         1665 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi departs to Constantinople         1666 Abraham Crijnssen departs to Suriname         1672 Baron Karl Rabenhaupt occupies Coevorden Neth         1685 Don Francisco de Agurto installed as land guardian of S Netherlands         1689 Henry Purcell & Tates opera "Dido & Aeneas," premieres in Chesea         1702 Queen Anne's War: James Moore, Governor of the Province of Carolina, abandons the Siege of St. Augustine         1703 Tokyo hit by Earthquake; about 37,000 die         1731 1st US music concert (Peter Pelham's great room in Boston)         1794 French troops conquer Grave Neth         1809 Wearing masks at balls forbidden in Boston         1813 Danzig surrenders to allied armies         1816 The Treaty of St. Louis (1816) between the United States and the united Ottawa, Ojibwa, and Potawatomi Indian tribes is proclaimed         1817 1st coffee planted in Hawaii (Kona)         1825 The Treaty of St. Louis (1825) between the United States and the Shawnee Nation is proclaimed         1835 After gold discovery in Ga, Cherokees forced to move across Miss R         1835 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin sails from NZ to Sydney         1836 Lehman-theater in St Petersburg catches fire; 100s die         1844 Opera "Stradella" after being rewritten is produced (Hamburg)         1853 A dinner party is held inside a life-size model of an Iguanodon created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins and Sir Richard Owen in south London         1853 Gadsden Purchase, The United States buys land from Mexico to facilitate railroad building in the Southwest         1854 Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co, 1st in US, incorporated in NYC         1861 US, banks stops payments in gold         1869 Philadelphia Knights of Labor forms         1873 American Metrological Society forms (NYC) weights, measures and money         1875 Andrassy Note calls for Christian-Muslim religious freedoms         1877 Johnannes Brahms' 2nd Symphony in D, premieres in Vienna         1879 Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance," premieres         1884 Anton Bruckner's 7th Symphony in E, premieres in Leipzig         1888 king Leopold II installs Order of African Star, Belgium         1892 Dr Miles V Lynk, physician, publishes 1st Black medical journal         1893 Russia signs military accord with France         1896 Filipino patriot and reform advocate José Rizal is executed by a Spanish firing squad in Manila, Philippines         1896 Stanley Cup, Montreal Victorias beat Winnipeg Victorias, 6-5         1897 The British Colony of Natal annexes Province of Zululand         1903 A fire at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois kills at least 605         1903 American Political Science Association founded at New Orleans         1903 Electric arc lamp sets fire to Iroquois theater in Chicago leaving 602 dead in one of the deadliest blazes in American history         1905 Former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg is assassinated at the front gate of his home in Caldwell, Idaho         1906 Iran becomes a constitutional monarchy         1906 The All India Muslim League is founded in Dacca, East Bengal, British India Empire, which later laid down the foundations of Pakistan         1907 Abraham Mills' commission declares Abner Doubleday invented baseball         1908 Stanley Cup: Mont Wanderers outscore Edmonton, 13-10 in 2 game set         1911 Crickets S F Barnes takes 5-6 in 1st 11 overs v Australia at MCG         1911 Sun Yat-sen elected first president of the Republic of China         1913 Barnes takes 17 wickets vs South Africa (8-56 and 9-103)         1915 Cromarty Harbour, Scot-British cruiser Natal explodes: 405 die         1916 The last coronation in Hungary is performed for King Charles IV and Queen Zita         1917 -32°F (-36°C) in Mountain City, Tennessee (state record)         1917 -37°F (-38°C) in Lewisburg, WV (state record)         1918 John E Hoover decides to be called J Edgar Hoover         1919 Lincoln's Inn in London, England, UK admits its first female bar student         1922 USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) organized as a federation of RSFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Belorussian SSR and Transcaucasian SSR         1924 Edwin Hubble announces existence of other galactic systems         1925 New South Wales scores 705 against Victoria, go from 8-475 to 9-701         1926 Chicago Tribune reports the Tigers threw a 4-game series to the White Sox in 1917 to help Chicago win the pennant (never substaniated)         1926 Paul Eliot Greens "In Abraham's Bosom," premieres in NYC         1927 The Ginza Line, the first subway line in Asia, opens in Tokyo, Japan (route under 2 miles long)         1929 Cole Porter's musical "Wake Up and Dream," premieres in NYC         1929 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority incorporates         1932 Bradman out for a duck v England at cricket MCG         1933 -50°F (-46°C) in Bloomfield, Vermont (state record)         1933 Government disallows NSB-membership for civil service         1933 Jack Badcock scores 274 v Victoria, Tasmania's 1st double-ton         1935 Italian bombers destroy Swedish Red Cross unit in Ethiopia         1936 The United Auto Workers union stages its first sitdown strike, at Fisher Body Plant         1938 Electronic television system patented (V K Zworykin)         1939 Bradman scores 267 SA v Vic, world record 34th double cricket century         1939 O'Reilly takes 14-45 (8-23 and 6-22) as NSW crush Qld in 2 days         1940 California's 1st freeway, (Arroyo Seco Parkway), opens         1941 Nazibezetters oblige artsen member to become of Artsenkamer         1941 Nazis require Dutch physicians to join Nazi organization         1941 Winston Churchill addresses Canadian parliament         1943 Phillies trade Babe Dahlgren to Pitts for Babe Phelps and cash         1943 Subhash Chandra Bose raises the flag of Indian independence at Port Blair         1944 King George II of Greece, abdicates his throne         1944 King George II of Greece declares a regency, leaving the throne vacant         1947 36th Davis Cup: USA beats Australia in New York (4-1)         1947 King Michael of Romania is forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union-backed Communist government of Romania         1947 Romanian republic proclaimed         1948 "Kiss Me, Kate" opens at New Century Theater NYC for 1077 performances         1948 The Cole Porter Broadway musical, Kiss Me, Kate (1,077 performances), opens at the New Century Theatre and becomes the first show to win the Best Musical Tony Award         1949 India recognizes People's Republic of China         1950 Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia become Independent states in France Union         1952 Tuskegee Inst reports 1952 as 1st yr in 71 with no lynchings in US         1953 The first ever NTSC color television sets go on sale for about USD at $1,175 each from RCA         1954 "House of Flowers" opens at Alvin Theater NYC for 165 performances         1954 Harold Arlen and Truman Capotes musical premieres in NYC         1956 NY Giants beat Chicago Bears 47-7 in NFL championship game         1957 Israeli government of Ben-Gurion, resigns         1957 New York Giants win NFL championship         1958 French franc devalued         1959 George Washington, 1st ballistic missile sub commissioned         1961 Premier of Dmitri Sjostakovitch' 4th Symphony (out 1936) in Moscow         1962 Green Bay Packers beat NY Giants 16-7 in NFL championship game         1963 "Let's Make A Deal," debuts on NBC-TV         1963 Congress authorizes Kennedy half dollar         1963 Green Bay Packers win NFL championship         1964 Edward Albee's "Tiny Alice," premieres in NYC         1965 Ferdinand Marcos inaugurated as president of the Phillipines         1967 Beatles' "Hello Goodbye," single goes #1 and stays #1 for 3 weeks         1967 Great Western Forum opens in LA         1968 -48°F (-44°C), Mazama and Winthrop, Washington (state record)         1969 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR         1971 Long Island NHL franchise purchased (NY Islanders)         1971 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR         1972 Under President Nixon, The United States halts heavy bombing of North Vietnam and announces peace talks         1973 First picture of a comet from space (Comet Kohoutek-Skylab)         1973 Miami Dolphins beat Oakland Raiders 27-10 in AFC championship game         1973 Minnesota Vikings beat Dallas Cowboys 27-10 in NFC championship game         1974 Beatles are legally disbanded (4 years after suit was brought)         1975 "Boccaccio" closes at Edison Theater NYC after 7 performances         1975 Constitution of Democratic Republic of Madagascar comes into force         1976 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR         1977 Carter holds 1st news conference by US pres in Eastern Europe (Warsaw)         1977 For the second time, Ted Bundy escapes from his cell in Glenwood Springs, Colorado         1978 "King and I" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 719 performances         1978 Ohio State dismisses Woody Hayes as its football coach         1979 Rock group, Emerson, Lake and Palmer break up         1979 Togo adopts constitution         1980 "Wonderful World of Disney," last performance on NBC-TV         1981 In only the 39th game of his third NHL season, Wayne Gretzky scores five goals, giving him 50 on the year and setting a new NHL record previously held by Maurice Richard and Mike Bossy, who earlier had each scored 50 goals in 50 games         1982 Anthony Shaffers "Whodunnit," premieres in NYC         1982 England defeats Australia by three runs at cricket MCG         1982 US Assay Office in New York City, NY closes         1984 Miss Elizabeth (Hulette) and Macho Man Randy Savage (Poffo) wed         1985 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.2 released         1985 Pakistan restores constitution         1987 Australia hangs on for s draw with New Zealand at MCG, 1 wkt left 17 runs short         1987 Premier Mugabe elected president of Zimbabwe         1988 Canadian Senate OK's free trade pact; with US         1988 Former Soviet Pres Brezhnev's son-in-law sentenced to 12-yr (bribery)         1988 Mercedes-Benz pays $20.2-M fine failed to meet '86 government fuel standard         1988 North subpoenas Reagan and Bush as defense witnesses for upcoming trial         1989 10th United Negro College Fund raises $12,000,000         1989 Dmitri Volkov swims world record 50m freestyle (27.15 sec)         1990 "Miser" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 93 performances         1990 11th United Negro College Fund raises $10,000,000         1992 Last day of Test Cricket for Michael Whitney         1992 Shane Warne takes 7-52 to lead Australian MCG win v West Indies         1993 "Candles, Snow, and Mistletoe" closes at Palace NYC after 7 perfs         1993 Israel and Vatican City establish diplomatic relations         1995 Carquest Bowl 6, North Carolina beats Arkansas, 20-10         1995 The lowest ever United Kingdom temperature of -27.2°C was recorded at Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands. This equalled the record set at Braemar, Aberdeenshire on February 11, 1895 and January 10, 1982         1996 In the Indian state of Assam, a passenger train is bombed by Bodo separatists, killing 26         1996 Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel         1997 An abandoned building collapses on NY's 42nd St, no one hurt         1997 In the worst incident in Algeria's insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people from four villages are killed         2000 Rizal Day bombings, A series of bombs explode in various places in Metro Manila, Philippines within a period of a few hours, killing 22 and injuring about a hundred         2003 U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft recuses himself and his office from the Plame affair         2004 A fire in the República Cromagnon nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina kills 194         2005 Tropical Storm Zeta forms in the open Atlantic Ocean, tying the record for the latest tropical cyclone ever to form in the North Atlantic basin         2006 Former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein is executed         2006 Madrid Barajas International Airport is bombed         2006 The Indonesian passenger ferry MV Senopati Nusantara sinks in a storm, resulting in at least 400 deaths         2009 A segment of the Lanzhou–Zhengzhou–Changsha pipeline ruptures in Shaanxi, China, and approximately 150,000 l (40,000 US gal) of diesel oil flows down the Wei River before finally reaching the Yellow River         2009 A suicide bomber kills 9 people at Forward Operating Base Chapman, a key facility of the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan         2011 Owing to a change of time zone the day is skipped in Samoa and Tokelau.
 SCOTTY's QUOTE OF THE DAY    ..     “The journey in between what you once were   and who you are now becoming   is where the dance of life really takes place.”     - Unknown                  PADDY's BEER OF THE DAY    ..     La Fin du Monde,   brewed by Unibroue in Chambly, Canada.     It is a Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale   with an ABV of 9%                  LILLY's WINE OF THE DAY    ..     Five Star Cellars 2006 "Stellar".     It is Certified Organic from Walla Walla Valley,   priced at approximately $55 per bottle.                  FAMOUS BIRTHS ON DECEMBER 30th    ..     39 Titus, 10th Roman Emperor (79-81), conqueror of Jerusalem (d. 81) ..     1204 Abû 'Uthmân Sa'îd ibn Hakam al Qurashi, Portuguese ruler of Minorca (d. 1282)         1552 Simon Forman, English occultist and astrologer (d. 1611)         1566 Alessandro Piccinini, composer         1569 Georg Quitschreiber, composer         1642 Vincenzo da Filicaja, Italian poet (d. 1707)         1644 Philips van Almonde, Dutch Zeeuws lt-admiral         1673 Ahmed III, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1736)         1678 William Croft, English composer (d. 1727)         1722 Charles Yorke, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain (d. 1770)         1724 Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée, French painter (d. 1805)         1740 Elizabeth Caroline, Princess of Wales (d. 1759)         1741 Bartolomeo Giacometti, composer         1756 Pavel Vranicky, composer         1760 Charles Sapinaud de La Rairie, French general (d. 1829)         1774 Pieter G Witsen Geysbeek, Dutch historian, literary         1775 Heinrich Carl Ebell, composer         1784 Dorothea von Benckendorff, Baltic monarch of Lieven         1785 Dorothea Lieven, German-Russian wife of Christopher Lieven (d. 1857)         1792 Sylvester Jordan, German lawyer and politician (d. 1861)         1818 James Cantey, Brigadier General (Confederate Army) (d. 1874)         1819 John White Geary, American politician, 16th Governor of Pennsylvania, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers) (d. 1873)         1819 Theodor Fontane, German author and poet (Effi Briest) (d. 1898)         1825 Samuel Newitt Wood, American lawyer, publisher, and politician (d. 1891)         1828 Mark Perrin Lowrey, Brigadier General (Confederate Army) (d. 1885)         1838 Émile Loubet, French politician, 7th President of France (d. 1929)         1847 John Peter Altgeld, German-American politician (Gov-Ill), pardoned Haymarket-anarchists         1848 Mary Frances Allitsen, composer         1849 John Milne, English seismologist and geologist (d. 1913)         1851 Asa Griggs Candler, American businessman and politician, developer (Coca-Cola), 44th Mayor of Atlanta (d. 1929)         1853 Andre-Charles-Prosper Messager, French composer (d. 1929)         1855 Heinrich Hart, German writer (Song of Humanity)         1859 Josef Bohuslav Foerster, composer         1864 Alessandro Longo, composer         1865 Rudyard Kipling, English author (Jungle Book, Gunga Din) and poet (Nobel Prize laureate 1907) (d. 1936)         1867 Simon Guggenheim, philanthropist (died aboard Titanic)         1869 Adolphe Max, Belgian Rep (Lib)         1869 Stephen Leacock, English-Canadian political scientist, economist, author, professor (d. 1944)         1869 Ōzutsu Man'emon, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 18th Yokozuna (d. 1918)         1872 William A Larned, tennis champ (US Open-1901)         1873 Al Smith, American politician, 42nd Governor of New York (d. 1944)         1875 Jean-Guy Gautier, French rugby player (d. 1938)         1878 William Aberhart, Canadian politician, 7th Premier of Alberta (d. 1943)         1879 Ramana Maharshi, Indian philosopher (d. 1950)         1879 Sri Ramana Maharshi, Hindu philosopher, yogi (Maharshi Research Inst)         1880 Alfred Einstein, German-American musicologist, nephew of Albert Einstein         1883 Lester Patrick, Canadian ice hockey player and coach, NHL pioneer (d. 1960)         1883 Mary Forbes, English actress (Terror by Night)         1884 Hideki Tōjō, Japanese general and politician, 40th Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1948)         1884 Karl Heinrich David, composer         1884 Tojo Hideki, Japanese PM during WW II         1887 Henry George Ley, composer         1889 Georg von der Vring, German painter/writer (Soldier Suhren)         1890 Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, Mexican politician, 47th President of Mexico (d. 1973)         1891 Antoine Pinay, French premier (1952), minister of Foreign affairs         1892 Jaromir Fiala, composer         1892 John Litel, American actor (Virginia City, My Hero)         1895 August De Boodt, Belgian politician         1896 Tom Keene, American actor (Our Daily Bread)         1897 Alfredo Bracchi, Italian author (d. 1976)         1898 Vincent Lopez, American orchestra leader (Welcome Aboard)         1899 Helge Ingstad, Norwegian explorer (d. 2001)         1904 Dmitri B Kabalevsky, Russian composer (In the Fire) (d. 1987)         1905 Daniil Kharms, Russian poet, author, and playwright (d. 1942)         1905 Emmanuel Levinas, philosopher         1906 Carol Reed, English director (3rd Man) and producer (d. 1976)         1906 Johan A earl von Kielmansegg, German general, commandant (NATO-Europe)         1907 Christina E "Christine" Auwen, Dutch model, singer (Haghezangers)         1907 Robert Grant Grant-Ferris, politician         1910 Dennis Morgan, actor (Cattle Town, Canyon Pass, Waterfront)         1910 Herman van der Horst, Dutch cinematographer (Faja Lobbi)         1910 Paul Frederic Bowles, American composer and author (Shelting Sky) (d. 1999)         1911 Jeanette Nolan, American actress (Richard Boone Show, Virginian) (d. 1998)         1913 Elyne Mitchell, Australian author (d. 2002)         1913 Lucio Agostini, Italian-Canadian conductor and composer (d. 1996)         1913 Svend Simon Schultz, composer         1914 Bert Parks (Jacobson), American actor, singer, TV host (Miss America) (d. 1992)         1914 Jo Van Fleet, American actress (d. 1996)         1917 Nancy Coleman, American actress (Edge of Darkness)         1917 Seymour Melman, American industrial engineer and author (d. 2004)         1918 W Eugene Smith, American photographer (Saipan, Walk to Paradise Garden)         1919 David Valentine Willcocks, composer         1919 Dick Spooner, English cricket wicketkeeper (Godfrey Evans' shadow)         1919 Jo Van Fleet, American actress (Gunfight at OK Corral, East of Eden)         1920 Aad de Haas, Dutch religious painter, graphic artist, cartoonist         1920 Jack Lord, American actor (Dr. No) (d. 1998)         1920 Michael Allinson, English stage and film actor (George Washington)         1921 Michael Hollings, catholic priest, crusader         1921 Rashid Karami, Lebanese politician, 32nd Prime Minister of Lebanon, 10 times (1955-1987) (d. 1987)         1923 Sara A Lidman, Swedish author (Jag Och Min Son, Samtal in Hanoi)         1926 Stanley Tracey, composer         1927 Bernard Barrow, American actor (Ryan's Hope, Louie Slavinsky-Loving) (d. 1993)         1927 M Lawrence Antouin, college president (Emeritis)         1927 Robert Hossein, French actor and director         1928 Bo Diddley (Ellas Bates), American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2008)         1928 Jack Lord, American actor (Steve McGarrett-Hawaii 5-0, God's Little Acre)         1929 Barbara Nichols, American actress (Dear Heart, Disorderly Orderly) (d. 1976)         1929 Bob Bouma, Dutch TV host (For a Postcard in the Front Row)         1929 Rosalind Hurley, British physician, barrister, ethicist and writer (d. 2004)         1930 Jerome Theisen, benedictine         1931 Charles A Bassett II, American Captain, USAF astronaut         1931 Richard Christ, writer         1931 Skeeter Davis (Mary Penick), American singer-songwriter (The Davis Sisters) (d. 2004)         1932 John Hillerman, American actor (Magnum PI, Blazing Saddles)         1934 Barry Briggs, New Zealand auto maker (World Champion 1957, 58, 64, 66)         1934 Del Shannon, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1990)         1934 John N. Bahcall, American physicist, co-developer (Hubble Space Telescope) (d. 2005)         1934 John Norris Bahcall, American physicist (d. 2005)         1934 Joseph Bologna, American actor         1934 Joseph P. Hoar, American general, US Central Command commander         1934 Nicolas Coster, English actor (Our Private World, Ryan's Four)         1934 Russ Tamblyn, American actor (Win Place or Steal, Twin Peaks, Drive), singer, and dancer         1935 Bruno Canino, composer         1935 Jack Riley, American actor         1935 Omar (Albert B) Bongo, Gabonese politician, President of Gabon (1967) (d. 2009)         1935 Sandy Koufax, American baseball player, pitcher (Cy Young '63, '65, '66, perfect-1967) (Dodgers)         1937 Gordon Banks, English footballer         1937 Jim Marshall, American football player         1937 John Hartford, American country singer-songwriter (Gentle on My Mind) and fiddler (d. 2001)         1937 Paul Stookey, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Peter, Paul and Mary)         1938 Joseph Bologna, American actor (Citizen Cohn, My Favorite Year)         1938 Mike Auldridge, American guitarist (The Seldom Scene and Chesapeake) (d. 2012)         1939 Del Shannon (Charles Westover), American musician (Runaway)         1939 Doeke Eisma, Dutch MP (D66), sociologist         1939 Felix Pappalardi, American singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (Mountain) (d. 1983)         1939 Glenda Adams, Australian author (d. 2007)         1940 James Burrows, American director (Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers), TV producer         1941 Mel Renfro, American football player         1942 Betty Aberlin, American actress         1942 Fred Ward, American actor (Chain Reaction, Thunderheart, Equinox)         1942 Guy Edwards, English race car driver         1942 Janko Prunk, Slovenian historian and politician         1942 Michael Nesmith, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (The Monkees, First National Band)         1942 Robert Quine, rocker         1942 Vladimir Bukovsky, Russian author and activist         1943 Gösta Winbergh, Swedish tenor (d. 2002)         1943 Rolf Gehlhaar, composer         1944 Joseph Hilbe, American philosopher and author         1944 William J. Fallon, American Navy Admiral, U.S. Central Command commander         1945 Concetta Tomei, American actress         1945 Davy Jones, English singer and actor (The Monkees) (d. 2012)         1945 John Kevin Moorhouse, test pilot         1945 Lloyd Kaufman, American director, screenwriter, and producer, co-founder (Troma Entertainment)         1945 Preston Andrew Trombly, composer         1945 Vernon Wells, Australian actor         1946 Clive Bunker, English drummer (Jethro Tull, Electric Sun, Solstice, and Aviator)         1946 Patti Smith, American singer-songwriter (Radio Ethiopia) and poet         1947 Jeff Lynne, English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer (Electric Light Orchestra, Traveling Wilburys, The Move, The Idle Race)         1947 Michael Burns, American actor (Barnaby West-Wagon Train) and historian         1947 Stephanus S "Tian" van Merwe, leader (South Africa Democratic Party)         1947 Steve Mix, American basketball player         1948 Jed Johnson, American interior designer and director (d. 1996)         1948 Surinder Amarnath, cricketer         1949 Bruce Davidson, equestrian 3-day (Olympics-silver-96)         1949 Jim Flaherty, Canadian politician         1950 Bjarne Stroustrup, Danish computer scientist, creater (C++ programming language)         1950 Lewis Shiner, American sci-fi & fantasy author         1950 Yunus I Mahomed, South African attorney, leader (UDF)         1951 Doug Allder, English footballer         1951 Nancy LaMott, singer         1952 June Anderson, American soprano         1952 Larry Bartlett, photographic printer         1952 Melissa Fay Greene, American author         1952 Somtow Sucharitkul (SP Somtow), Thai author (Utopia Hunters)         1953 Bill Kazmaier, American Powerlifter, Wrestler, World's Strngest Man Champion         1953 Dana Key, American singer, guitarist, and producer (DeGarmo and Key) (d. 2010)         1953 Daniel T. Barry, American engineer and astronaut (STS 72)         1953 Harald Schmautz, German-born journalist         1953 Meredith Vieira, American journalist and game show host         1954 Barry Greenstein, American poker player         1955 Dindo Yogo, Congolese singer (Viva La Musica Langa Langa Stars, and Zaiko Langa Langa) (d. 2000)         1956 "Cherie" Samba (Mbimba N'zinga), Zaire painter (Pitie la prostituee)         1956 Claudia di Girolamo, Chilean actress         1956 Patricia Kalember, American actress (Sisters)         1956 Sheryl Lee Ralph, American actress (Moesia, Designing Women) and singer         1956 Suzy Bogguss, American singer-songwriter (I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart)         1957 Glenn Robbins Australian actor and comedian         1957 Matt Lauer, American journalist, TV host (Today Show)         1957 Patricia Kalember, American actress (Georgie Whitsig-Sisters)         1958 Brandon Clark, American actor (Sean-The Fitzpatricks)         1958 Rod Harrington, English darts player         1958 Steven L Smith, American astronaut (STS 68, 82)         1959 Josée Verner, French-Canadian politician         1959 Tracey Ullman, English-American actress (Tracey Ullman Show), singer, screenwriter, and director         1960 Addy Bucek, Australian 470 class yachter (Olympics-9-92, 96)         1961 Ben Johnson, Jamaican-Canadian sprinter, 100m runner (Olympic-gold-1988-disqualified)         1961 Douglas Coupland, Canadian author         1961 Sean Hannity, American radio and television host (Fox News)         1961 Sue Malaxos, Australian marathoner (Olympics-96)         1962 Henry Cho, Korean-American comedian and actor         1962 Joshua Clover, American poet         1962 Paul Crowder, Musician (The Adventures)         1963 Alessandra Mussolini, Italian actress (Ferragosto OK)         1963 Chandler Burr, American author         1963 Johnny van 't Schip, Dutch footballer and coach (Ajax, Genua)         1963 Milan Šrejber, Czech tennis player         1963 Robert Jenkins, NFL tackle (Oakland Raiders)         1964 Duglas T. Stewart, Scottish singer-songwriter and producer (BMX Bandits)         1964 George Newbern, Actor (Father of the Bride)         1964 Kimberly Taylor (Cindy), model, Penthouse Pet (1990)         1964 Kris Tschetter, American LPGA golfer (1992 Northgate Computer)         1964 Sylvie Moreau, Canadian actress         1965 Brad McNamara, Australian cricketer         1965 David Baker, English cyclist         1965 Heidi Fleiss, American madam and columnist         1965 Tony Jones, WLAF receiver (Amsterdam Admirals, Frankfurt Galaxy)         1966 Bennett Miller, American director         1967 Carl Ouellet, Canadian wrestler         1967 Colleen Miller, Canadian rower (Olympics-96)         1967 Karen Dunne, American cyclist         1968 Kevin Dahl, Canadian NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)         1968 Sean Higgins, NBA guard, forward (Philadelphia 76ers, Portland Trailblazers)         1969 Anthuan Maybank, American 200m/400m runner         1969 Dave England, American snowboarder, stuntman, television personality (Jackass)         1969 Jan Wehrmann, German footballer         1969 Jay Kay, English singer-songwriter (Jamiroquai)         1969 Jeff Thomason, NFL tight end (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)         1969 Meredith Monroe, American Actress (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)         1969 Michelle McGann, American golfer (1995 Sara Lee Classic)         1970 Grant Carter, CFL defensive end (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)         1970 Gus Nketia, New Zealand 100m sprint (Olympics-96)         1970 Kevin Salvadori, NBA center (Sacramento Kings)         1970 Robert Hall, WLAF wide reciever (Amsterdam Admirals)         1970 Sister Bliss, English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Faithless)         1971 C.S. Lee, Actor (The Unborn)         1971 Chris Vance, Actor (Transporter)         1971 Daniel Sunjata, American actor (The Dark Knight Rises)         1971 Ricardo López Felipe, Spanish footballer         1971 Scotty Lewis, WLAF defensive end (Frankfurt Galaxy)         1971 Steve Hardin, NFL & WLAF offensive tackle (Ind Colts, Rhein Fire)         1971 Sylvester Wright, NFL linebacker (Philadelphia Eagles)         1971 Thomas Strzalkowski, Polish-American fencer-sabre (Olympics-96)         1972 Dita Indah Sari, Indonesian activist         1972 Kerry Collins, American football player, NFL quarterback (Carolina Panthers)         1972 Loren Meyer, NBA center (Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks)         1972 Maureen Flannigan, actress (Evie-Out of This World)         1972 Paul Keegan, Irish footballer         1972 Steven Wiig, American actor and drummer (Papa Wheelie)         1973 Ato Boldon, Trinidadian athlete         1973 Don Reid, NBA guard, forward (Detroit Pistons)         1973 Frans Bauer, Dutch singer         1973 Jason Behr, American actor (The Grudge)         1973 Nacho Vidal, Spanish porn actor, director, and producer         1973 Robert Walker, Australian rower (Olympics-96)         1974 Alexandro Alves do Nascimento, Brazilian footballer (d. 2012)         1974 Johanna Sällström, Swedish actress (d. 2007)         1974 S. Jithesh, Indian cartoonist         1975 Scott Chipperfield, Australian footballer         1975 Tiger Woods, American golfer (16 Major and 74 PGA wins)         1976 A. J. Pierzynski, American baseball player         1976 Ashley Callie, South African actress (d. 2008)         1976 Kastro, American rapper (Outlawz)         1976 Patrick Kerney, American football player         1976 Rhoshii Wells, American middleweight boxer (Olympics-bronze-96)         1976 Solveig Lilja Gudmundsdottir, Miss Iceland Universe (1997)         1977 Grant Balfour, Australian baseball player         1977 Kazuyuki Toda, Japanese footballer         1977 Kenyon Martin, American basketball player         1977 Laila Ali, American boxer         1977 Lucy Punch, Actress (Bad Teacher)         1977 Saša Ilić, Serbian footballer         1977 Scott Lucas, Australian rules football player         1978 Devin Brown, American basketball player         1978 Dikla Hamdy, Miss Israel Universe (1997)         1978 Rob Scuderi, American ice hockey player         1978 Tyrese (Gibson), American singer-songwriter and actor (Transformers)         1978 Zbigniew Robert Promiński, Polish drummer (Behemoth, Azarath, and Witchmaster)         1979 Flávio (Amado), Angolan footballer         1979 Michael Grimm, American singer-songwriter and guitarist         1980 D. J. Mbenga, Congolese-Belgian basketball player         1980 Eliza Dushku, American actress (This Boy's Life, True Lies, Journey)         1980 Kenny Kwan, Filipino-Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actor (Boy'z)         1981 Ali Al-Habsi, Omani footballer         1981 Haley Paige, Mexican-American porn actress (d. 2007)         1981 K.Will, South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor         1981 Matt Ulrich, American football player         1981 Michael Rodríguez, Costa Rican footballer         1981 Reef the Lost Cauze, American rapper         1981 Spencer Day, American singer-songwriter and pianist         1982 Dathan Ritzenhein, American runner         1982 Dawan Landry, American football player         1982 Kristin Kreuk, Canadian actress (EuroTrip) and producer         1982 Robbie Gould, American football player         1982 Tobias Kurbjuweit, German footballer         1983 Davide Mandorlini, Italian footballer         1983 Josh Sussman, American actor         1983 Rachel and Ross Trudeau, twins of Jane Pauley & Gerry Trudeau         1984 LeBron James, American NBA basketball player (Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers)         1984 Randall Azofeifa, Costa Rican footballer         1985 Bryson Goodwin, Australian rugby player         1985 Lars Boom, Dutch cyclist         1986 Caity Lotz, Actress (The Pact)         1986 Domenico Criscito, Italian footballer         1986 Ellie Goulding, English singer-songwriter and producer         1986 Faye Marsay, Actress (The Final Battle)         1986 Gianni Zuiverloon, Dutch footballer         1987 Jake Cuenca, American-Filipino actor, model, and footballer         1988 Jena Sims, Actress (Last Vegas)         1988 Leon Jackson, Scottish singer         1989 Ryan Sheckler, American professional skateboarder         1990 Carolyn Nicole Johnson, Actress (Rebels with a Deadly Cause)         1991 Jesse Springsteen, Daughter of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa         1992 Ryan Tunnicliffe, English footballer         1993 Casey Anne Rothery, Actress (EastEnders)         1994 Jaida-Iman Benjamin, Actress (The Unusual Suspects)         1995 Haley Hill, Actress (Brain Zapped)         1996 Louis Greatorex, Actor (Last Tango in Halifax)         1997 Brandon Killham, Actor (My First Claire)         1997 Erin Woods, Actress (Oregon)         1998 Jedidiah and jeremiah Duggar, Twin Reality TV Stars (17 kids and counting)         1999 Andrew Byrne, Actor (Vincent and the Doctor)         2000 Johntae Lipscomb, Actor (Bedtime Stories)         2004 Owen and Elizabeth Stewart, Twin Actor/Actress (Ageless).
 PADDY's WHISKEY OF THE DAY    ..     Taste the Difference Single Malt Highland Whisky,   Priced at approximately $25 per bottle.                    FAMOUS DEATHS ON DECEMBER 30th    ..     274 Felix I, Catholic Pope and Saint         1218 Richard de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, English politician (b. 1162)         1460 Edmund, Earl of Rutland (b. 1443)         1460 Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, claimant to the English throne killed in Battle of Wakefield. (b. 1411)         1525 Jacob Fugger, German banker, merchant (b. 1459)         1572 Galeazzo Alessi, Italian architect (Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli & Palazza Marino, Milan) (b. 1512)         1573 Giovanni Battista Giraldi, Italian author and poet (b. 1504)         1591 Innocent IX (Giovanni Facchinetti), Pope, (1591 62 days) (b. 1519)         1621 Job of Manyava, Ukrainian Orthodox Saint (b. 1550)         1640 John Francis Regis, French priest and saint (b. 1597)         1644 Jan Baptist van Helmont, Flemish chemist (b. 1577)         1662 Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria (b. 1628)         1691 Robert Boyle, Irish scientist (b. 1627)         1769 Nicholas Taaffe, 6th Viscount Taaffe, Irish-Austrian soldier (b. 1685)         1777 Maximilian III Jozef, elector of Bayern (1745-77)         1788 Francesco Zuccarelli, Italian rococo painter, etcher         1796 Jean-Baptiste Lamoyne, composer         1803 Francis Lewis, Welsh-American politician, signer of the United States Declaration of Independence (b. 1713)         1821 Angelo Maria Benincori, composer         1825 Peter Gronland, composer         1828 Waldemar Thrane, composer         1832 Abijah Hammond, owned large portion of Greenwich Village         1870 Prim, Spanish general, murdered         1879 Manuel de Araújo Porto-alegre, Baron of Santo Ângelo, Brazilian poet and painter (b. 1806)         1893 Samuel White Baker, English explorer         1894 Amelia Jenks Bloomer, suffragist (Bloomers named for her)         1895 LP Hartley, British writer         1896 Jose Mercado Rizal, Filipino activist, anti-Spanish rule of Philippines (b. 1861)         1899 James Paget, English surgeon (disease of Paget)         1908 Thomas-Alfred Bernier, Canadian lawyer, journalist and senator (b. 1844)         1912 Alfred von Kiderlen-Waechter, German foreign minister         1928 Jean Collas, French rugby player (b. 1874)         1931 Tyrone Power Sr, actor (Big Trial, Test of Donald Norton)         1937 Hans Niels Andersen, Danish businessman, founded the East Asiatic Company (b. 1852)         1940 Childe Wills, American engineer (b. 1878)         1940 Fritz Volbach, composer         1941 El Lissitzky, Russian photographer and architect (b. 1890)         1943 Hobart Bosworth, actor (Woman of Affairs, Big Parade)         1944 Romain Roland, French author, playwright, pacifist (Nobel Prize laureate 1915) (b. 1866)         1945 Song Jin-woo, South Korean journalist and politician (b. 1889)         1946 Charles Wakefield Cadman, composer         1946 Patty Smith Hill, songwriter (Happy Birthday To You)         1947 Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician and philosopher (b. 1861)         1947 Han (Henricus A) van Meegeren, Dutch painter, art forger (b. 1889)         1951 Jozef E Stokvis, Dutch MP (SDAP)         1952 Ivan Olbracht, writer         1954 Archduke Eugen of Austria (b. 1863)         1955 Rex Ingamells, Australian poet (b. 1913)         1959 Maria Baers, Flemish social female worker, senator         1961 Jacobus "Ko" van den Bosch, Dutch actor (Amsterdamned), director         1966 Christian A Herter, American Minister of Foreign affairs (1959-61)         1967 Bert Berns, American songwriter, producer (Twist & Shout)         1967 Vincent Massey, Canadian lawyer and politician, 18th Governor General of Canada (b. 1887)         1968 Trygve Halvdan Lie, Norwegian politician, First Secretary General of the United Nations (1946-1953) (b. 1896)         1970 Angelos Evert, Greek police officer (b. 1894)         1970 Sonny Liston, American boxer, World heavyweight champion (1962-64) (b. 1932)         1971 Dorothy Comingore, actress (Citizen Kane)         1971 Jan Mul, composer         1971 Jo Cals, Dutch politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (b. 1914)         1971 Melba Rae, American actress (Search for Tomorrow) (b. 1922)         1973 Henri-Paul Busser, composer         1979 Richard Rodgers, American composer (Rogers & Hammerstein) (b. 1902)         1981 Alfie Anido, Filipino actor (b. 1959)         1984 Massa, Ghanaian-American gorilla, oldest on record (b. 1930)         1986 Era Bell Thompson, American journalist (b. 1905)         1986 Jiri Jaroch, composer         1988 Yuli Daniel, Russian poet (b. 1925)         1989 Leonore Lemmon, American girlfriend of George Reeves (b. 1923)         1989 Madoline Thomas, actress (Girl in the Canal)         1992 Caesar (Caesar) Domela, painter, son of Ferdinand D Nieuwenhuis         1992 Ling-Ling, First panda China gave to the United States         1993 Giuseppe Occhialini, Italian physicist (b. 1907)         1993 Irving Paul Lazar, American talent agent (b. 1907)         1993 Mack David, American songwriter (Bachelor in Paradise) (b. 1912)         1993 (Irving Paul) "Swifty" Lazar, superagent         1994 Dmitri Ivanenko, Russian physicist (b. 1904)         1994 Lloyd James Austin, french Scholar         1994 Maureen Starkey Tigrett, English-American hairdresser (b. 1946)         1995 Doris Grau, American actress (b. 1924)         1995 Heiner Muller, dramatist         1995 Ralph Flanagan, American conductor, composer, and pianist (b. 1914)         1995 Roger W Suddards, solicitor         1996 Jack Nance, American actor (Meatballs 4, Whore, Voodoo), murdered (b. 1943)         1996 Lew Ayres, American actor (Salem's Lot, State Fair) (b. 1908)         1996 Robert Grant-Ferris, politician         1997 Shinichi Hoshi, Japanese author (b. 1926)         1998 George Webb, English actor (b. 1911)         1998 Johnny Moore, American singer (The Drifters) (b. 1934)         1998 Sam Muchnick, American wrestling promoter, co-founded the National Wrestling Alliance (b. 1905)         1999 Fritz Leonhardt, German structural engineer, co-designer (Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge and Fernsehturm Stuttgart) (b. 1909)         1999 Sarah Knauss, American super-centenarian, once considered the world's oldest living person (b. 1880)         2000 Julius J. Epstein, American screenwriter (b. 1909)         2002 Eleanor J. Gibson, American psychologist (b. 1910)         2002 Mary Brian, American actress (b. 1906)         2002 Mary Wesley, English author (b. 1912)         2003 Anita Mui, Hong Kong singer and actress (b. 1963)         2003 David Bale, South African–American businessman and activist (b. 1941)         2003 John Gregory Dunne, American author and screenwriter (b. 1932)         2004 Artie Shaw, American jazz clarinet player, composer, and bandleader (b. 1910)         2005 Eddie Barlow, South African cricketer (b. 1940)         2005 Rona Jaffe, American author (b. 1932)         2006 Saddam Hussein, 5th President of Iraq, hanged in Baghdad (b. 1937)         2006 Michel Plasse, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1948)         2006 Terry Peck, Falkland Islander police officer, spy, scout (3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment in the Falklands War) (b. 1938)         2007 Themis Cholevas, Greek basketball player (b. 1926)         2008 Dick Green, Canadian actor         2009 Abdurrahman Wahid, Indonesian politician, 4th President of Indonesia (b. 1940)         2009 Rowland S. Howard, Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls) (b. 1959)         2010 Bobby Farrell, Aruban singer and dancer (Boney M.) (b. 1949)         2010 Per Oscarsson, Swedish actor (b. 1927)         2011 Eva Zeisel, Hungarian-born ceramic designer         2011 Mirko Tremaglia, fiercely nationalist Italian politician         2011 Ronald Searle, English cartoonist (b. 1920)         2012 Arend Langenberg, Dutch voice actor and radio host (b. 1949)         2012 Beate Sirota Gordon, Austrian-American director and producer (b. 1923)         2012 Carl Woese, American microbiologist and biophysicist (b. 1928)         2012 Catarina Castor, Guatemalan politician (b. 1980)         2012 Gloria Pall, American actress (b. 1927)         2012 Irvine Patnick, English politician (b. 1929)         2012 Mike Hopkins, New Zealand sound editor (b. 1959)         2012 Philip Coppens, Belgian author (b. 1971)         2012 Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian neurologist (Nobel Prize laureate) (b. 1909)         2012 Sonam Topgyal, Tibetan politician (b. 1941).