CELEBRATIONS ON NOVEMBER 5th      .. GUY FAWKES NIGHT ..     Guy Fawkes Night (UK),   also known as Gunpowder Day  or Gunpowder Night,   the anniversary of the failure of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament in 1605.     It is celebrated with bonfires,  fireworks  and burning of effigies.     It is Celebrated in the United Kingdom,  New Zealand and the province of Newfoundland & Labrador,  Canada  as well as Revolutionary,  Civil Liberty,  and Anti-Fascist groups throught the world,   like Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street ......             National Men Make Dinner Day .. &nbs Christian Feast Day of Domninus ..         Christian Feast Day of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist ..         Christian Feast Day of Galation ..         Christian Feast Day of Magnus ..         Christian Feast Day of Pope Zachary ..                    CELEBRATIONS THIS WEEK       Novemberfest,   First Week in November ..         Radiologic Technology Week,   First Week in November ..         National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week,   First Week in November ..         Dear Santa Letter Week,   First Week in November ..         National Family Week,   First Week in November ..         National Care Week,   First Week in November           National Fig Week,   First Week in November           National Patient Accessibility Week,   First Week in November ..         World Communication Week,   First Week in November ..         Chemistry Week,   First Week in November ..         Health Information and Technology Week,   First Full Week in November ..         International Fraud Awareness Week,   First Full Week in November ..         National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week,   First Full Week in November ..         National Nurse Practioner's Week,   First Full Week in November ..         National Rad Tech Week,   First Full Week in November ..         Give Wildlife a Brake! Week,   Week Before Daylight Savings Day ..         Intimate Apparel Week,   First Full Work Week in the Months of February,   May,   August,   and November ..         World Origami Days,   Oct. 24th to Nov. 11th                      PADDY's JOKES OF THE DAY    ..     How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb ?           Two.     One to change it,     and another one to change it back again.     - In Celebration of Election Day (2013)                    LILLY's DRINK OF THE DAY    ..     HARVEY WALLBANGER ..     5 Parts orange juice,     2 Parts vodka,     1 Part galliano,     Pour vodka and orange juice over ice cubes,     stir,     then layer the galliano on top                    SCOTTY's TOAST OF THE DAY    ..     "Here is to the fools of the world..     for without them,   the rest of us could not succeed."     - Unknown
  HISTORICAL EVENTS ON NOVEMBER 5th    ..     1228 Wu MeKuan, a collection of 48 Zen koans, compiled in China         1414 Council of Constance (16th ecumenical council) opens         1492 Christopher Columbus learns of maize (corn) from Indians of Cuba         1499 Publication of the Catholicon in Tréguier (Brittany). This Breton-French-Latin dictionary was written in 1464 by Jehan Lagadeuc. It is the first Breton dictionary as well as the first French dictionary         1530 The St Felix Flood ravages Dutch coast and destroys the city of Reimerswaal in the Netherlands         1556 Akbar (14) succeeds his father Humajun on as Sultan of Delhi         1556 Battle at Panipat, Mogollegers beat hindu leader Hemu         1605 Gunpowder Plot, A conspiracy led by Robert Catesby to blow up the English Houses of Parliament is thwarted when Sir Thomas Knyvet, a justice of the peace, finds Guy Fawkes in a cellar below the House of Lords, leader Guy Fawkes is hanged         1630 Spain & England sign peace treaty         1639 1st post office in the colonies is set up in Massachusetts         1678 Brandenburgse troops occupy Greifswald in Sweden         1688 Glorious Revolution begins: William of Orange lands at Brixham         1725 Spain & Austria sign secret treaty         1743 Coordinated scientific observations of the transit of Mercury were organized by Joseph-Nicolas Delisle         1757 Seven Years' War (French & Indian War), Frederick the Great defeats the allied armies of France and the Holy Roman Empire at the Battle of Rossbach         1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix, the purpose of which is to adjust the boundary line between Indian lands and white settlements set forth in the Proclamation of 1763 in the Thirteen Colonies         1780 French-American forces under Colonel LaBalme are defeated by Miami Chief Little Turtle         1781 John Hanson elected 1st "President of US in Congress assembled"         1789 Fleeing slaves under Bonni attack military post on Suriname         1789 French National Meeting declares all citizens equal under law         1811 El Salvador's 1st battle against Spain for independence         1831 Nat Turner, American slave leader, is tried, convicted, and sentenced to death in Virginia         1838 The Federal Republic of Central America begins to disintegrate when Nicaragua separates from the federation and Honduras declares independence         1846 Robert Schumann's 2nd Symphony in C, premieres         1854 Crimean War, The Battle of Inkerman. British & French defeat Russian force of 50,000         1862 In the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln removes George B. McClellan as commander of the Union Army for the second and final time, Ambrose Burnside is replacement as head of Army of Potomac         1862 Battle at Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia, 51 casualties         1862 Indian Wars: In Minnesota, 303 Dakota warriors are found guilty of rape and murder of whites and are sentenced to hang. 38 are ultimately executed and the others reprieved         1872 n defiance of the law, American women's right to vote advocate Susan B Anthony votes for Ulysses S. Grant, she votes for the first time, and is later fined $100         1876 Henry Morton Stanley's expedition leaves Nyangwe         1881 French government-Ferry resigns         1882 Bedrich Smetana's "Ma Vlast," premieres         1883 Battle at El Obeid Sudan, Mahdi's army destroys Egyptian army         1883 Musical "Cordelia's Aspirations" premieres in NYC         1887 Ottawa College (ORFU) defeats Montreal Football Club (QRFU) 10-5 to win the Dominion championship         1894 Frederick Lugards expedition reaches Nikki         1894 Richard Strauss' "Till Eulenspiegels," premieres         1895 1st US patent granted for auto (George B Selden) for gasoline driven car         1895 Edward, Prince of Wakes, says "We are all Socialists nowadays"         1895 George B. Selden is granted the first U.S. patent for an automobile         1895 US state Utah accepts female suffrage         1898 Gerhart Hauptmanns "Fuhrmann Henschel," premieres in Berlin         1911 After declaring war on the Ottoman Empire on September 29, 1911, Italy attacks Turkish North-Africa (Libya), takes Tipoli & Cyrenaica         1911 Calbraith Rodgers arrives in Pasadena completing 1st transcontinental airplane flight (49 days) (left Sheepshead Bay, NY, Sept 17)         1912 Arizona, Kansas & Wisconsin vote for female suffrage         1912 Bulgarian troops in Constantinople blockade drinking water         1912 Woodrow Wilson (D) defeats Theodore Roosevelt (Prog) & Pres Taft (R)         1913 King Otto of Bavaria is deposed by his cousin, Prince Regent Ludwig, who assumes the title Ludwig III         1914 Great Britain & France & Russia declares war on Turkey,  annexes Cyprus         1916 Emperor Wilhelm II & Franz Jozef I establish the kingdom of Poland         1916 Second Chamber accept initial impetus to general males, female suffrage         1916 The Everett Massacre takes place in Everett, Washington as political differences lead to a shoot-out between the Industrial Workers of the World organizers and local police         1916 The Kingdom of Poland is proclaimed by the Act of November 5th of the emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary         1917 Gen Pershing & US troops see action on Western Front for 1st time         1917 October Revolution, In Tallinn, Estonia, Communist leader Jaan Anwelt leads revolutionaries in overthrowing the Provisional Government (As Estonia and Russia are still using the Julian Calendar, subsequent period references show an October 23 date)         1917 St. Tikhon of Moscow is elected the Patriarch of Moscow and of the Russian Orthodox Church         1917 Supreme Court decision (Buchanan v Warley) strikes down Lousiville Ky ordiance requiring blacks & whites to live in separate areas         1919 Ir à Steringa Idzerda begins hosting "soirée-musical" on Dutch radio         1922 Demonstration for a Dutch University in Ghent         1925 Mussolini disbands Italian socialist parties         1927 10th PGA Championship, Water Hagen at Cedar Crest CC Dallas         1927 Walter Hagen beats Joe Turnesa for 4th consecutive PGA title         1930 Nobel for literature awarded to Sinclair Lewis for "Babbitt"         1932 Benito Mussolini frees 16,000 criminals         1933 Chicago Bears 30 game unbeaten streak ends to Patriots (10-0)         1933 Spanish Basques vote for autonomy         1935 Maryland Court of Appeals orders U of M to admit (black) Donald Murray         1935 Parker Brothers launches game of Monopoly         1936 French writer Andre Gide criticizes Soviet regime         1937 Adolf Hitler holds a secret meeting and states his intentions of going to war, his plans for acquiring "living space" for the German people         1938 Ottawa Roughriders score on 5-man, 4-lateral, 65-yard punt return         1938 Rugers beats Princeton 1st time in 60 yrs as Rutgers Stad dedicated         1940 Dutch submarine departs Dundee         1940 President Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to a third term as President of the United States beating Wendell Willkie (R)         1940 Walter Johnson, won 416 games for Wash Senators, loses Maryland congressional race (R)         1941 Japanese marine staff officiers Suzuki/Maejima leave Pearl Harbor         1942 Nazi raid on Greek Jews in Paris         1942 Pro-British Clandestine Radio Diego Suarez's final transmission         1942 The Second Battle of El Alamein is won by the British in El Alamein, Egypt         1943 Vatican bombed         1944 Allied troops reach Zoutelande Walcheren         1944 Canadian & British troops liberate Dinteloord         1944 German troops blow-up Heusden North Brabant city hall, 134 die         1945 Colombia joins the United Nations         1946 John F Kennedy (D-Mass) elected to House of Representatives         1950 Cleveland Browns' Tommy James intercepts 3 passes, club record         1950 Philippines president Quirino ends emergency crisis         1951 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site         1953 Nobel prize for physics awarded, appended on Frederik Zernicke         1953 Paul Searls saws a 32" log in 86.4 seconds         1953 Terence Rattigans' "Sleeping Prince," premieres in London         1955 Dr. Emmett Brown invents the flux capacitor         1955 Mont Canadien Jean Beliveau scores 2nd fastest hat trick (44 seconds)         1955 New Vienna Opera house opens (Austria)         1956 Britain & France land forces in Egypt         1956 Dutch Communist Party office of Felix Meritis seized         1956 Israel liberates Sharm-el-Sheikh, reopening Gulf of Aqaba         1956 Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Datis nuperrime         1957 Félix Gaillard forms government in France         1957 Mrs Nellie McGrail wins $574,658 on a 2½ cent soccer pool ticket         1958 "Maria Golovin" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 5 performances         1958 KGLD (now KSNG) TV channel 11 in Garden City, KS (NBC) 1st broadcast         1959 AFL announced with 8 teams         1961 India's premier Nehru arrives in NY         1961 St Louis Cards Bill Stacy, returns 2 interceptions for TDs vs Dallas         1963 US VP Lyndon B Johnson visits Netherlands         1964 US launches Mariner 3 toward Mars; no data returned         1966 Brigham Young QB Virgil Carter sets NCAA record of 599 yards gained         1966 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site         1967 ATS-3 launched by US to take 1st pictures of full Earth disk         1967 Clifford Ann Creed wins LPGA Corpus Christi Civitan Golf Open         1967 New Orleans Saints 1st NFL victory, beat Philadelphia Eagles 31-24         1967 The Hither Green rail crash in the United Kingdom kills 49 people. The survivors include Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees         1967 US troops conquer Loc Ninh South Vietnam         1967 Yemen president Sallal flees         1968 1st AL pitcher to win MVP, Denny McLain (wins unanimously)         1968 Nixon (R) beats VP Humphrey (D) & George C Wallace for presidency         1968 United States presidential election, 1968: Republican Richard Nixon wins the American presidency, in what turned out to be a decades-long realignment election         1970 The United States Military Assistance Command in Vietnam reports the lowest weekly American soldier death toll in five years (24), Vietnam War         1971 Bolivia passes death penalty for political kidnapping         1971 NBA's LA Lakers starts a 33 game consecutive victory streak         1972 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Lady Errol Golf Classic         1973 BART starts SF-Daly City train shuttle service         1974 Dmitri Sjotakovitch completes Michelangelo-liederen         1974 Ella Grasso (Ct) elected 1st woman US gov not related to previous gov         1974 Walter E Washington, becomes 1st elected mayor of Wash DC         1975 British government sends troops to Belize         1975 Sao Tome & Principe adopts constitution         1976 Balt Jim Palmer wins AL Cy Young Award         1976 New AL franchises in Seattle & Toronto fill up their rosters         1976 Pirates trade Manny Sanguillen & $100,000 to A's for mgr Chuck Tanner         1976 USSR performs nuclear test         1977 NCAA passing record set at 571 yards (Marc Wilson, Brigham Young)         1978 Iranian PM Jaafar Sharif-Emami resigns to Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi         1978 Khomeini followers attack British embassy/El Al office in Iran         1978 Oakland Raider's John Madden becomes 13th coach to win 100 NFL games         1979 Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini declares US "The Great Satan"         1979 Iran government of Bazargan resigns         1981 Charles Fuller's "Soldier's Play," premieres in NYC         1981 Former Dolphin, Mercury Morris, is sentenced to 20 years for drug trafficing, conspiracy, & possession of cocaine         1982 Cleveland Cavaliers lose 24th consecutive game (NBA record)         1982 George Harrison releases "Gone Troppo" album         1983 Byford Dolphin diving bell accident kills five and leaves one severely injured         1983 NY Rangers & Quebec Nordiques both score in 1st 14 secs of 3rd period         1983 Orbiter Discovery (OV-103) moves overland to Dryden         1985 "News" opens at Helen Hayes Theater NYC for 4 performances         1986 USS Rentz, USS Reeves and USS Oldendorf visit Qingdao (Tsing Tao) China — the first US Naval visit to China since 1949         1987 "Into the Woods" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 764 performances         1987 France performs nuclear test         1987 Govan Mbeki is released from custody after serving 24 years of a life sentence for terrorism and treason         1987 Iceberg twice size of Rhode Island sighted in Antarctic         1987 South Africa ANC-leader Govan Mbeki freed         1987 Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine's musical "Into the Stars," premieres         1987 Supreme Court nominee Douglas H Ginsburg admitted using marijuana         1988 1st NBA game at Bradley Center, Milw Bucks lose to LA Clippers 111-91         1988 1st NBA game at Miami Arena, Miami Heat loss to LA Clippers, 111-91         1988 1st NBA game at Palace of Auburn Hills, Pistons beat Hornets 94-85         1988 Cornell confirms grad student source of worst computer sabotage         1988 France performs nuclear test         1988 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Alysheba, Gt Communicator, Gulch, Is It True, Miesque, Open Mind, Personal Ensign at Churchill Downs         1988 Japan beats MLB all stars 2-1 in Tokyo (Game 1 of 7)         1989 "Threepenny Opera" opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 65 perfs         1989 19th NYC Women's Marathon won by Ingrid Kristiansen in 2:25:30         1989 20th NYC Marathon won by Juma Ikangaa in 2:08:01         1989 Browns' Bernie Kosar sets club record of 16 cons pass completions         1989 Elaine Crosby wins LPGA Mazda Japan Golf Classic         1989 US plays El Salvador, in 3rd round of 1990 world soccer cup         1990 Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead after a speech at a New York City hotel         1991 Kiichi Miyazawa elected premier of Japan         1991 Richard J Kerr, ends term as acting director of CIA         1992 "Show Off" opens at Criterion Theater NYC for 45 performances         1992 Bobby Fisher beats Boris Spassky to with Chess title in Belgrade         1993 1st NBA game in Alamodome, San Antonio Spurs beat Warriors 91-85         1994 George Foreman (45) KOs Michael Moorer to win boxing HW championship         1994 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Barathea, Cherokee Run, Concern, Flanders, One Dreamer, Tikkanen, Timber Country         1994 Space probe Ulyssus completes 1st passage behind the Sun         1994 Tony Rominger bicycles world record time (55,291 km)         1994 Yak-40 accident in north of Peru, 8 killed         1995 1st NBA game at General Motors Place, Vancouver Grizzlies beat Minn Timberwolves 100-98 in OT         1995 André Dallaire attempts to assassinate Prime Minister Jean Chrétien of Canada. He is thwarted when the Prime Minister's wife locks the door         1995 STS 73 (Columbia 18), lands         1995 Woo-Soon Ko wins LPGA Toray Japan Queens Cup Golf Tournament         1996 President of Pakistan Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari dismisses the government of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dissolves the National Assembly of Pakistan         1996 Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is the unanimous choice as AL Rookie of         1997 2 hours after Davey Johnson resigns, he is named AL Manager of Year         1997 French court orders producer Jacques Charrier, ex-husband of Brigitte Bardot, to pay the former screen star $8,300 in damages         2000 Emperor Haile Selassie I is given an Imperial funeral by the Ethiopian Orthodox church         2006 Saddam Hussein, former president of Iraq, and his co-defendants Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti and Awad Hamed al-Bandar are sentenced to death in the al-Dujail trial for the role in the massacre of the 148 Shi'as in 1982         2007 China's first lunar satellite, Chang'e 1 goes into orbit around the Moon         2009 US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly killed 13 and wounded 43 at Fort Hood, Texas in the largest mass shooting ever at a US military installation         2012 50 Syrian military personnel are killed by a suicide car bomb in Hama         2012 Widespread flooding in Nigeria kills 363 people and displaces 2.1 million.
 SCOTTY's QUOTE OF THE DAY    ..     "Yesterday is history.     Tomorrow is a mystery.     Today is a gift.     That’s why we call it the present."     - Bil Keane (born William Aloysius Keane, October 5th, 1922 - November 8th, 2011),   an American cartoonist known for 'The Family Circus'                  PADDY's BEER OF THE DAY    ..     Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout,   brewed by Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn, NY, USA.     It is an Imperial Stout with an ABV of 10.1%.                  LILLY's WINE OF THE DAY    ..     Handley (2007) Late Harvest.     It is a Riesling from Mendocino Ridge,   priced at approximately $40 per bottle.                  FAMOUS BIRTHS ON NOVEMBER 5th    ..     1271 Mahmud Ghazan, Mongol ruler (d. 1304)         1494 Hans Sachs, German composer, playwright and shoemaker (d. 1576)         1534 Joachim Camerarius, German botanist/physician (horticulture catalog)         1549 Philippe de Mornay (Philippe Du-Plessis-Mornay), French writer (d. 1623)         1563 Anna van Nassau, Daughter of prince Willem I, Anna of Saksen         1592 Charles Chauncy, English-born president of Harvard College (d. 1672)         1613 Isaac de Benserade, French poet (d. 1691)         1615 Ibrahim I, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1648)         1654 Christian Liebe, German composer         1666 Attilio Ariosti, Italian composer         1667 Christoph Ludwig Agricola, German painter (d. 1719)         1701 Pietro Longhi, Venetian painter (d. 1785)         1715 John Brown, English writer (d. 1766)         1722 William Byron, 5th Baron Byron, English duelist (d. 1798)         1742 Richard Cosway, English artist (d. 1821)         1764 Pieter Nieuwland, Dutch scientist (Newton)         1770 Etienne P de Senancour, French author (Obermann)         1779 Washington Allston, American painter, author         1798 Carolina F L duchess of Berry, daughter of crown prince of Naples         1818 Benjamin Franklin Butler, 33rd Governor of Massachusetts, Major General (Union volunteers) (d. 1893)         1819 Josef Rudolf Zavrtal, composer         1825 Julius H (Szamvald) Stahel, Major General (Union volunteers)         1832 William Woods Averell, Major General (Union Army) (d. 1900)         1835 Moritz Szeps, Austrian journalist (d. 1902)         1841 Alexander Sergeyevich Famintsin, composer         1846 Duncan Gordon Boyes, English recipient of the Victoria Cross (d. 1869)         1849 Rui Barbosa, Brazilian statesman, jurist, essayist (civil liberties)         1850 Ella Wheeler Wilcox, American author and poet (d. 1919)         1851 Charles Dupuy, French prime minister (d. 1923)         1854 Alphonse Desjardins, founder of the Caisses populaires Desjardins (d. 1920)         1854 Paul Sabatier, French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1941)         1855 Eugene V. Debs, American labor organizer, Socialist presidential candidate (d. 1926)         1855 Leon P Teisserenc de Bort, French meteorologist (stratosphere) (d. 1913)         1857 Ida Tarbell, American journalist (exposing Standard Oil) (d. 1944)         1866 Daniel Protheroe, composer         1873 Edwin Flack, Australian athlete, double Olympic gold medallist in 1896. (d. 1935)         1873 Teddy Flack (Edwin), Australian athlete, double Olympic gold medallist (1896) (d. 1935)         1876 Raymond Duchamp-Villon, cubist sculptor (Head of Baudeaire)         1881 George A. Malcolm, American jurist & educator (d. 1961)         1884 James Elroy Flecker, English poet, dramatist (Hassan) (d. 1915)         1885 Will Durant, American historian, author (Story of Civilization) (d. 1981)         1887 Oscar Bossaert, Belgium, Chocolate manufacturer, Minister of Middenstand         1887 Paul Wittgenstein, Austrian-born pianist, left hand specialist (d. 1961)         1890 Jan Zrzavý, Czech painter (d. 1977)         1891 Bert McGirr, new Zealand cricketer         1891 Earle "Greasy" Neale, NFL coach (Philadelphia Eagles)         1891 Mary Dorna, Dutch author         1892 J. B. S. Haldane, Scottish geneticist (d. 1964)         1893 Raymond Loewy, US industrial designer         1894 Henri E J A de Page, Belgian private law scholar         1895 Charles MacArthur, American author (d. 1956)         1895 Walter Gieseking, German pianist, composer (d. 1956)         1899 Forrest Lewis, actor (Monster of Piedras Blancas)         1900 Martin Dies, Jr., American politician (d. 1972)         1900 Natalie Schafer, American actress (d. 1991)         1901 Eddie Paynter, cricketer (England batting hero in Bodyline series)         1902 Strom Thurmond, (Sen-R-SC, 1955)         1904 Cooney Weiland, Canadian hockey player (d. 1985)         1905 George Bissett, South African cricketer         1905 Joel McCrea, American actor (Marshal-Wichita Town) (d. 1990)         1906 Endre Kabos, Hungarian Olympic champion fencer (d. 1944)         1906 Fred Lawrence Whipple, American astronomer (d. 2004)         1906 George Lowthian Trevelyan, designer, visionary         1911 Baby Marie Osborne, American actress         1911 Roy Rogers, American actor, cowboy (Happy Trails, Roy Rogers Show) (d. 1998)         1912 Natalie Schaeffer, American actress (Lovey Howell-Gilligan's Island)         1913 John McGiver, American actor (Patty Duke Show, Jimmy Stewart Show)         1913 Vivien Leigh, English actress (Gone With Wind)(d. 1967)         1914 Alton Tobey, American artist (d. 2005)         1914 Henri J de Koster, Dutch Min of Defense (1971-73)         1915 Moe Biller, American labor union officer (AFL-CIO, Postal Workers)         1916 Len Wilkinson, English cricketer         1917 Banarsi Das Gupta, Indian former Chief Minister of Haryana (d. 2007)         1917 Claus Adam, composer         1917 Jacob Everaers, office clerk/resistance fighter         1917 Jacqueline Auriol, French aviatrix (d. 2000)         1919 Hasan Askari, Pakistani philosopher (d. 1978)         1919 Myron Floren, American accordianist (The Lawrence Welk Show) (d. 2005)         1920 Douglass North, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate         1920 Tommy Goodwin (Thomas), British Track Cyclist (2 X Olympic Bronze 1948) (d. 2012)         1921 Fawzia of Egypt, Queen of Iran         1921 Georges (Gyorgy) Cziffra, Hungarian pianist (Chopin-Liszt) (d. 1994)         1922 Cecil Underwood, American politician (d. 2008)         1922 Violet Barclay, American illustrator         1923 Ian Arthur Hoyle Munro, medical journalist         1924 Ivan Rezak, composer         1926 Leo Derksen, Dutch journalist (Telegraph/Sunday Newspaper)         1927 Robert Abernethy, Geneva Switz, Newscaster (NBC News Encore)         1929 Ottmar MA Fraai, Curacaos/Dutch tenor         1930 Herb Edelman, Bkln NY, actor (Good Guys, Strike Force, 9 to 5)         1931 Ike Turner, American singer, guitarist (A Fool in Love) (d. 2007)         1932 Arthur L Liman, American trial lawyer (Oliver North)         1934 Nick Smith, (Rep-R-Michigan)         1934 Victor Argo, American actor (d. 2004)         1935 Christopher Wood, English screenwriter and novellist         1935 Dick Davalos, Bronx, actor (Jeff-The Americans)         1935 Jerry Amper Dadap, composer         1935 John Nicholas Maw, composer         1935 Lester Piggott, British jockey (11 time champ)         1936 Michael Dertouzos, Greek internet pioneer, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ad Director of the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science (d. 2001)         1937 Chan Sek Keong, Chief Justice of Singapore         1937 Harris Yulin, American actor         1938 Chris Robinson, Fla, actor (Stanley, General Hospital, Another World)         1938 César Luis Menotti, Argentine footballer         1938 Jim Steranko, American graphic artist, comic book writer-artist-historian, publisher, and film production illustrator         1938 Joe Dassin, French-speaking American singer (d. 1980)         1939 Ken Walter, South African cricket pace bowler (1961-62 series v NZ)         1940 Elke Sommer (Elke Schletz), German actress (A Shot in the Dark, The Oscar)         1940 Ted Kulongoski, American politician, 36th governor of Oregon         1941 Art Garfunkel, American singer, actor (Sounds of Silence, Carnal Knowledge)         1941 Patricia Harty, Wash DC, actress (Occasional Wife, Blondie)         1942 Pierangelo Bertoli, Italian singer-songwriter (d. 2002)         1943 Friedman Paul Erhardt (Chef Tell), German-born American TV chef (d. 2007)         1943 Pablo Gomez, rocker         1943 Sam Shepard, American playwright (Frances, Crimes of the Heart) and actor (Black Heart Down)         1945 Aleka Papariga, Greek politician         1945 Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff         1946 Gram Paarson (Cecil Connor), American musician (Byrds) (d. 1973)         1946 Herman Brood, Dutch painter, singer, pianist (Sleepin' Bird) (d. 2001)         1946 Patricia K Kuhl, speech & hearing scientist         1947 Oleg Antropov, USSR, volleyball player (Olympic-gold-1968)         1947 Peter Noone, English musician (Herman's Hermits)         1947 Quint Davis, American festival producer         1948 Bernard-Henri Lévy, French public intellectual         1948 Bob Barr, American politician         1948 Hridayananda dasa Goswami, ISKCON guru         1948 Mel Ab-Owain, Welsh politician         1948 Peter Hammill, English singer-songwriter (Patient)         1948 Rick Cobb, rocker         1948 William Daniel Phillips, American physicist, Nobel laureate         1949 Armin Shimerman, American actor (The Hitcher)         1949 Jimmie Spheeris, American singer-songwriter (d. 1984)         1950 Debbie Massey, Grosse Pointe MI, LPGA golfer (1979 Wheeling Classic)         1950 Thorbjørn Jagland, former Norwegian prime minister         1951 Cindy Brooks, Gettysburg Pa, playmate (April, 1985)         1951 Stuart Havelock Hollingdale, anthropologist         1952 Bill Walton, American basketball player, NBA center (Portland Trailblazers, Boston Celtics) and commentator         1952 Oleg Blokhin, Ukrainian footballer         1952 Vandana Shiva, Indian physicist         1953 Florentino V. Floro, Filipino dwarf judge         1953 Joyce Maynard, American writer         1955 Bernard Chazelle, French computer scientist         1955 Karan Thapar, Foremost Indian Journalist, Political Analyst & Commentator         1955 Kris Jenner, tv reality star, mother of Kim Kardashian         1955 Nestor Serrano, American actor         1955 Sylvester Louis Adams, murderer         1956 Mike Score, Liverpool England, rock guitarist (Flock Of Seagulls)         1956 Rob Fisher, Bath England, rock keyboardist (Naked Eyes)         1957 David Moyse, Adelaide Australia, rock vocalist (Air Supply)         1957 Jon-Erik Hexum, American actor (Voyager, Cover-up) (d. 1984)         1958 Don Falcone, American musician and producer         1958 Robert Patrick, American actor (Terminator 2, X Files)         1959 Bryan Adams, Canadian musician (Heaven)         1960 Mark West, NBA center (Detroit Pistons)         1960 René Froger, Dutch singer (Everything Can Make a Man Happy)         1960 Tilda Swinton, English actress (Adaptation, Orlando)         1961 Charles O Hobaugh, Bar Harbor ME, Capt USMC/astronaut         1961 David Bryson, American guitarist and vocalist (Counting Crows)         1961 Gina Mastrogiacomo, American actress (d. 2001)         1962 Abédi Pelé, Ghanaian footballer         1962 Brian Wheat, rock bassist (Tesla-Psychotic Supper)         1962 Marcus J. Ranum, American computer/network security innovator         1963 Andrea McArdle, American actress (Annie)         1963 Brian Wheat, American musician (Tesla)         1963 Hans Gilhaus, soccer player (Vitesse)         1963 Tatum O'Neal, American actress (Paper Moon, Little Darlings), Mrs John McEnroe         1964 Famke Janssen, Actress (X-Men)         1964 Tim Blake Nelson, American actor         1965 Famke Janssen, Dutch model and actress         1965 Kubrat, Prince of Panagiurishte, titular Bulgarian royal family         1966 Georgia Apostolou, Greek actress         1966 Nayim, Spanish footballer         1967 Frank Pollack, NFL tackle (SF 49ers)         1967 Grant Leury, Melbourne VIC Australia, canoeist (Olympics-96)         1967 Judy Reyes, Dominican American actress (Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story)         1967 Marcelo D2, Brazilian rapper         1967 Percy Snow, WLAF linebacker (Rhein Fire)         1967 Steve Wagner, American field hockey goalkeeper (Olympics-96)         1968 Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Spanish actress (The Machinist)         1968 Bob Dahl, NFL guard, tackle (Cleveland Browns)         1968 Cary Blanchard, NFL kicker (Indianapolis Colts)         1968 Chris Gray, Perth WA, Australasia golfer         1968 Judy Reyes, Dominican American actress         1968 Malcolm Frank, CFL cornerback (Edmonton Eskimos)         1968 Sam Rockwell, American film actor (Seven Psychopaths, Choke, Moon)         1969 Jennifer Guthrie, Willimantic Conn, actress (Dawn-General Hospital)         1970 Javier (Javy) Lopez, Puerto Rican baseball player, catcher (Atlanta Braves)         1970 Ryan Wetnight, NFL tight end (Chic Bears)         1970 Tamzin Outhwaite, English actress         1971 Corin "Corky" Nemec, American actor (Tucker, Parker Lewis, Drop Zone)         1971 Dana Jacobson, ESPN's First Take hostess         1971 Edmond Leung, Hong Kong singer         1971 Erick Walder, Mobile Alabama, triple jumper         1971 Jonny Greenwood, guitarist (Radiohead)         1971 Rob Jones, English footballer         1971 Sergei Berezin, Russian Hockey player, NHL forward (Team Russia, Oly-Si-98)         1971 Todd Collins, NFL quarterback (Buffalo Bills)         1972 Tracy Greene, NFL tight end (Pittsburgh Steelers)         1973 Alexei Yashin, Russian ice hockey player, NHL center (Team Russia Olympics-Silver-1998, Ottawa Senators)         1973 Daniella Westbrook, English actress         1973 James Collins, NBA guard (LA Clippers)         1973 Johnny Damon, American baseball player, MLB outfielder, voted by teamates as nicest teamate by every AL East team (Boston Red Sox, NY Yankees)         1973 Kate Anderson, Australian 1.5k/3k/5k runner (Olympics-96)         1973 Rupert Grant, NFL fullback (NE Patriots)         1974 Angela Gossow, German vocalist (Arch Enemy)         1974 Conrad Hamilton, cornerback (NY Giants)         1974 Dado Pršo, Croatian footballer         1974 Jerry Stackhouse, American basketball player, NBA guard, forward (Detroit Pistons, Phila 76ers)         1974 Ryan Adams, American musician         1975 Lisa Scott-Lee, Welsh singer-songwriter         1976 Jeff Klein, American musician         1976 Sam Page, Actor (The Brotherhood)         1976 Sebastian Arcelus, American voice actor         1977 Brittney Skye, American pornographic actress         1977 Jodi Webb, Miss Utah Teen USA (1996)         1977 Richard Wright, English footballer         1977 Tuula Puputti, ice hockey goalie (Finland, Oly-98)         1979 Mihalis Hatzigiannis, Greek-Cypriot songwriter and singer         1980 Christoph Metzelder, German footballer         1980 Eva González, Spanish model and beauty queen         1980 Jaime Camara, Brazilian racing driver         1981 Paul Chapman, Australian footballer         1983 Alexa Chung, British TV presenter and former fashion model         1983 Andrew Hayden-Smith, British TV presenter and actor         1983 Mike Hanke, German footballer         1984 Nick Folk, American football player         1984 Nikolai Zherdev, Ukrainian-Russian hockey player         1984 Tobias Enstrom, Swedish hockey player         1985 Kate DeAraugo, Australian singer (Young Divas)         1985 Koki Tanaka, Japanese idol (KAT-TUN)         1986 BoA, Korean singer         1986 Kasper Schmeichel, Danish footballer         1986 Nikolette Noel, Actress (The Expendables 2)         1987 Kevin Jonas, American guitarist (Jonas Brothers)         1987 Yotta Kasai, Director (Decrepit Crescendo)         1988 Bailey Jay, Actress (Carbon Girl)         1988 Rowan Witt, Actor (The Matrix)         1988 Virat Kohli, Indian cricketer         1989 Canden Jackson, Actress (The Brentwood Connection)         1992 Harrison Bieker, Actor (Bad Santa)         1993 Michael Gertsen, Actor (Joshua Tree)         1995 Madison McLaughlin, Actress (Freaks and Geeks).
 PADDY's WHISKEY OF THE DAY    ..     Highland Harvest Organic Scotch Whiskey,   Priced at approximately $45 per bottle.                  FAMOUS DEATHS ON NOVEMBER 5th    ..     1370 Casimir III, the Great, King of Poland (1333-70) (b. 1310)         1515 Mariotto di Bigio di Bindo Albertinelli, Italian painter (b. 1474)         1559 Kano Motonobu, Japanese painter, Zen co-founder (Kano school of painting) (b. 1476)         1603 Irini Fedorovna, Russian daughter of Boris Godunov         1660 Alexandre de Rhodes, French Jesuit missionary (b. 1591)         1660 Lucy Hay, Countess of Carlisle, English socialite (b. 1599)         1669 John Coccejus, German, Netherlands reformed theologist         1675 Kurt S Adeler, Danish admiral, ship designer         1680 Gillis Valckenier, mayor of Amsterdam (1665-1680)         1701 Charles Gerard, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield, French-born English politician (b. c. 1659)         1714 Bernardino Ramazzini, Italian physician (b. 1633)         1737 Johan W van Ripperda, Dutch diplomat, baron, duke,         1743 Andreas Benedikt Praelisauer, composer         1752 Carl Andreas Duker, German classical scholar (b. 1670)         1758 Hans Egede, Norwegian Lutheran missionary (b. 1686)         1772 Johannes Schmidlin, composer         1772 Pieter Steyn, Dutch grand pensionary (1749-72)         1801 Norinaga Moto'ori, Japanese scientist         1803 Ch de Laclos, writer         1804 Elizabeth "Betje" Wolff-Bekker, poetess (Sara Burgerhart)         1819 Dirk van den Boetzelaer, regent of Holland         1828 Maria Fyodorovna of Russia, second wife of Tsar Paul I of Russia (b. 1759)         1834 Aernout Drost, Dutch literary, founder (The Guide)         1836 Karel Hynek Mácha, Czech poet (b. 1810)         1850 Ferdinand KJ, archduke of Austria         1854 Soimonov, Russian general, dies in the battle of Inkermann         1860 Carl Binder, composer         1879 James Clerk Maxwell, Scotish physicist (speed of light) (b. 1831)         1883 William Hicks, British colnol, commander (Egyptian army), dies in battle         1923 Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen, French novelist (b. 1880)         1930 Christiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician and pathologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1858)         1933 Texas Guinan, American saloon keeper, actress, and musician (b. 1884)         1935 Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis         1941 Arndt Pekurinen, Finnish pacifist (b. 1905)         1942 George M. Cohan, American musician, actor, writer, and composer (b. 1878)         1943 Louis Schelfhout, Dutch painter/graphic artist         1944 Alexis Carrel, French surgeon and biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1873)         1946 Sigismond Stojowski, composer         1950 Jacobus J E Hondius, Dutch classicist, graphic artist         1951 Agrippina J Vaganova, Russian ballet dancers, pegagoge         1951 Bedrich Antonin Wiedermann, composer         1951 Reggie Walker, South African athlete (b. 1889)         1955 Maurice Utrillo, French artist (b. 1883)         1956 Art Tatum, American musician (b. 1909)         1960 August Gailit, Estonian writer (Ekke Moor)         1960 Johnny Horton, country music singer (b. 1925)         1960 Mack Sennett, Canadian producer and director (Keystone Cops) (b. 1880)         1960 Ward Bond, American actor (Wagon Train) (b. 1903)         1964 Alexander Uriah Boskovich, composer         1964 Buddy Cole, American jazz pianist and orchestra leader (b. 1916)         1964 Lansdale Sasscer, U.S. Congressman for Maryland's 5th District (b. 1893)         1968 Estelle Hemsley, actress (Leech Woman, Take aGiant Step)         1968 Robert Ayres, actor (Battle Beneath the Earth)         1969 Itih Walracen, Sudanese widow of author William Walraven         1969 Lloyd Corrigan, actor (Prof McKillup-Hank)         1971 Sam Jones, baseball player (b. 1925)         1972 Reginald Owen, actor (Above Suspicion, Love on the Run)         1974 Stafford Repp, American actor (Chief O'Hara-Batman) (b. 1918)         1975 Annette Kellerman, Australian swimmer (Million Dollar Mermaid) (b. 1887)         1975 Edward Lawrie Tatum, American geneticist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1909)         1975 Lionel Trilling, American critic and writer (b. 1905)         1977 Aleksei G Stachanov, Russian model miner         1977 Guy Lombardo, Canadian conductor (Auld Lang Syne) (b. 1902)         1977 René Goscinny, French comic book writer (Asterix) (b. 1926)         1978 Denis O'Dea, actor (Capt Horatio Hornblower)         1979 Al Capp, American cartoonist (Li'l Abner) (b. 1909)         1982 Edward Hallett Carr, historian (b. 1892)         1982 Gerda Brautigam, journalist, Dutch MP (PvdA)         1982 Jacques Tati(scheff), French actor, director (Parade) (b. 1908)         1985 Arnold Chikobava, Georgian linguist (b. 1898)         1985 Spencer W. Kimball, twelfth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (b. 1895)         1986 Bobby Nunn, American singer (The Coasters) (b. 1925)         1986 Claude Jutra, Québécois actor and film director (b. 1930)         1987 Eamonn Andrews, Television Presenter (b. 1922)         1989 Barry Sadler, singer (Green Berets), murdered         1989 Vladimir Horovitz, Ukrainian pianist (b. 1903)         1990 Bobby Nunn, US bassist (Coasters-Down in Mexico)         1990 Herbert Berghof, actor (Belarus File)         1991 Fred MacMurray, American actor (My Three Sons) (b. 1908)         1991 Robert Maxwell, Slovakian-born media entrepreneur, publisher (NY Daily News) (b. 1923)         1992 Arpad E Elo, Hungarian physicist (chess classification system) (b. 1903)         1992 Jan Hendrik Oort, Dutch astronomer (Oort Cloud)         1994 McHenry Boatwright, signer         1995 Laura Weber, TV Host         1996 Eddie Harris, American saxophonist, composer (b. 1934)         1996 Lars-Ake Nilsson, diplomat         1996 Paula Hinton, dancer         1996 Ronald Ogden, engineer         1997 Epic Soundtracks, English musician (Swell Maps, Crime and the City Solution, These Immortal Souls) (b. 1959)         1997 Isaiah Berlin, Latvian-born historian of ideas (b. 1909)         1997 James Robert Baker, American novelist, screenwriter (b. 1946)         2000 Bibi Titi Mohammed, Tanzanian politician (b. 1926)         2000 Jimmie Davis, singer and politician (b. 1899)         2000 Victor Grinich, American businessman (b. 1924)         2001 Barry Horne, a British animal liberation activist. (b. 1952)         2001 Milton William Cooper, American writer, shortwave broadcaster (b. 1943)         2001 Roy Boulting, English film director and producer (b. 1913)         2002 Billy Guy, American singer (The Coasters) (b. 1936)         2003 Bobby Hatfield, American singer (Righteous Brothers) (b. 1940)         2005 John Fowles, English writer (b. 1926)         2005 Rod Donald, New Zealand environmentalist (b. 1957)         2005 Virginia MacWatters, American soprano (b. 1912)         2006 Bülent Ecevit, four term Turkish Prime Minister and poet (b. 1925)         2007 Nils Liedholm, Swedish football midfielder and coach (b. 1922)         2009 Félix Luna, Argentine historian (b. 1925)         2010 Adrian Păunescu, Romanian poet and politician (b. 1943)         2010 Jill Clayburgh, American actress (b. 1944)         2010 Shirley Verrett, American operatic mezzo-soprano (b. 1931)         2011 Bhupen Hazarika, Indian singer, composer, lyricist, music director, and filmmaker from Assam (b. 1926)         2012 Charles V Bush, African-American pioneer         2012 Elliott Carter, American composer         2012 Stalking Cat (Dennis Avner), American body modifier.