PartyPossum Games are responsive to key presses.  There is currently a possibility of 20 players at one time.  Each player has five possible key presses to control the games. They are identified as  Buzzer ,   A , B , C  , and .

Due to the common problem of the slide portion of the partypossum screen losing focus, the Buzzer is only used to regain focus with the Slide portion of the screen.
This is accomplished by sending a keypress of the number 1 to the web page. The page responds to this by focusing on the slide portion.
All other button presses (A, B, C, and D) are keypresses specific to each controller. Thefore if you are going to create your own controller for any of the players (1-20), they must be set up as follows...

1010numpad 0f10decimal
111\numpad 1dividemultiply
1212numpad 2subtractadd
1313numpad 3backspacetab
1414numpad 4inserthome
1515numpad 5deleteend
1616numpad 6page uppage dn
1717numpad 7enterescape
1818numpad 8f8f2
1919numpad 9f9f1

Some Games do not allow 19 players and the key presses from the last player or two are used for different purposes, so it is highly encouraged to chose the lower numbered players first.

So now you know what key presses, responds to. 

So how do you send the key presses without having multiple people crowding over a keyboard?

A free method, and probably the best is to download and install  eventghost with the webserver plugin on the computer that will be running the TV view. 

You will need to store virtual 'controller pages' on the computer. You can create your own or use these...

index.html index.html
Size : 3.901 Kb
Type : html
Save the index.html file in the main eventghost webserver folder.  Then, inside that folder, create another folder called 'resources' and save all the other files there.

You can test your controllers HERE

PC View