Edward Fortyhands

Also Known as...

80 Ounces to Freedom, The 40 Challenge


40 Ounces to Freedom, Amy Winehands, Edward Ciderhands



Duct tape, large alcoholic beverage . Usually 40oz, 1.14 liters, or 1 liter sizes of malt liquor or beer (cider, scrumpy, or wine is used in some variations)  

Intoxication Level



Each player must duct tapes a bottle or large can of alcohol to each of their hands. 


Players may not remove them until they are completely consumed. This makes it very difficult to urinate, smoke a cigarette, answer a phone call, ect.

(Variaiton A) 40oz to Freedom

Some house rules allow that a player may finish and remove one 40 oz. at a time, freeing one hand after the first bottle.

(Variation B) No Vomit

Some play that vomiting is considered an immediate disqualification.

(Variation C) Edward Ciderhands

Cider is used instead of Malt Liquor or Beer.

(Variation D) Amy Winehands

Wine is used instead of Malt Liquor or Beer.

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